Keri Hilson
Yesterday 09:54

This man's post to memorialize his late wife after the birth of their son is heartwrenching. We wish the best of luck to Montou as he raises his newborn son. Sarah will be watching from above!

Woman dies just hours after son
Woman dies just hours after son's birth - husband's touching post sparks compassionate response

Jean Luc Montou lost his wife right after the birth of their son. He wrote an amazing Facebook post in her memory that touched thousands.

204 reactions 14 comments
Christi Stafford Sad
Nyakeni Veronica Mawan Sorry
Khanyile Doobsie Ndabezimbi Thats very painful
Vega Charles Sad. Hugs u sister in bro
Antoinette Johnson Wow sad
Bill Maher
Yesterday 15:00

Liberals still need to learn the difference between an imperfect friend and a deadly enemy.

6.9k reactions 724 comments
Nathan Richard Rork Hillary is currently going on a nationwide pity tour to promote her book about being robbed of her coronation, but yeah, BERNIE is the egotistical narcissist.
Daniel Amick We'd settle for good, not even perfect. What's crazy is that we are the radicals for expecting integrity.
Biff Lopez Bill Maher shows like this are what divides. You know god damn well - it was meant to be a hatchet job on Bernie Sanders. He's done more for real people than any asshat on the panel including yourself. You're getting more and more out of touch in your ...
David A. Lamerand Talk about out of touch, inside the bubble, elitist bullshit....Fuck them with their anti Sanders remarks .... Narcissistic???... Bernie has been doing his thing his whole career... seriously, Fuck them
Andrew Richard I think in general terms, most people underestimate the 'Russian' influence. Where the entire result was swung by 77,000 votes, of course the 'Russian influence' was decisive. During the campaign Trump openly invited Russian support. The USA (and other ...
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
9 hours ago

The behind the scenes we NEEDED

526 reactions 13 comments
Katy Salinas Tami Wilkins Salinas
Alan Chamberlain Nicole Burger !!!!
Emma Swinny Clare Swindells
Courtney Paige Freeman Arturo Reyes
Brianna Ferguson Jessica Sue Alyssa Arnold
Vinny Guadagnino
01:06 09/21/2017


Weird Truths About Nickelodeon That 90
Weird Truths About Nickelodeon That 90's Kids Never Realized

Getting slimed was more than just entertainment

0 reactions 0 comments
Christina Milian
Yesterday 13:54

Good times with my lil' sis 😍 @lizmilian_ 💄 is POPPIN! 💋✨#sisterlove

1.6k reactions 70 comments
Tracy Alexander Oh wow very sexy
Derrick Hudson Kisses back at ya my Queen
Derek Myers Gorgeous Sisters
Joey Harris Beautiful & Georgeous
Sławomir Grodzki Pretty
Jordin Sparks
Yesterday 11:30

Save that pup!

196 reactions 6 comments
Alexis Demsko Awe 😰 poor dog
Tye Merricks Take these n*gga's out.
Ronda Brown awesome that was so kind thank you for saving that pup
Minh Nguyen So youre telling me, the dog didnt get hurt from that height
Jane DeLisi Hunt Praise God for those rescuers!!! God bless you all, and thank you.
Martha Stewart
9 hours ago

Somewhat sweet and a bit savory, our classic noodle kugel is perfect for your holiday spread.

75 reactions 3 comments
Caroline Adam Legendre Shelley Arron-Cohen I remember you making this :)
Petey Smith We have three Honeycrisp trees in our yard and I guard them, ha!
Ofelia Zawodniak Melanie Vinas-Rellora, Daisy Vsmith, you might want to try this. It has apples in it.
LL Cool J
00:24 09/21/2017

This cast and crew is truly special. I'm grateful to be on this team and part of NCIS: Los Angeles familia.. 200 episodes is rarefied air in the world of television and now NCIS LA is part of this prestigious club. Thank you to all the fans, our great partners at CBS studio and the entire CBS network team and leadership. 200 episodes baby!!! Pop some bottles with us!!! #GodisGreat!! #EgoisNotYourAmigo

1.1k reactions 202 comments
Patrick Kane Great show and love the story lines, congratulations on 200th show, so sad Miguel is not hear, best wishes for the future.
LA-Shawn Lynes Congrats I'm so deeply proud of you.
Amethyst Bailey-Burris Wishing you guys a great season.bI am positive I have seen all 200 many of them twice. Love u guys!
Evelyn Suarez Love you guys the best show ever Bless you Amem
Carla Springer Is nia long new to the cast. Don't remember seeing het I the show before
The Rachel Maddow Show
9 hours ago

The Donald Trump campaign spent $50,000 (red hat money) on Donald Jr.'s lawyer. Now we've also learned that the RNC added $196,000 for Junior's Russia scandal lawyers - plus tens of thousands more in Trump Russia legal fees. Not what you'd expect from someone who's supposed to be a billionaire. Watch Rachel Maddow report:

9.8k reactions 1642 comments
Kim Schweisberg Con artists. If I had donated to the RNC I'd be livid. Then again, people who donated to the RNC had it coming. So conflicted!
Bruce Bell trump is a billionaire in his own mind only, as on paper he is in debt for a billion dollars, and counting on his combined debt. Since no bank in the US will loan him money due to his failed businesses he has to go to Russia for loans. That would look ...
Steve Tomalin He's no billionaire and needs those Russian oligarchs and putin to keep funneling money to his businesses to keep his business afloat and himself in long ties and orange makeup. He's the most corrupt person ever elected, just follow the money Bob, ...
Marian Conway Ask any New Yorker, he is not a billionaire, he plays with other people's money - and he isn't good at it (mostly Russian money now because American banks and investors were tired of being burned). He doesn't want anyone to see his taxes because it ...
Nancy Bostar I hope the RNC goes broke paying all their lawyer fees.... haha Trump family deserves the money ! Come on RNC cough it up.
Martha Stewart
9 hours ago

Chocolate lovers, this is for you!

Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Mousse

Because bittersweet chocolate is high in pure chocolate (at least 35 percent cocoa solids), it's best used when a deep chocolate flavor is called for. It's also a great eating chocolate. Semisweet chocolate, which has more sugar and fewer cocoa solids than bittersweet, can often be substituted in re...

98 reactions 0 comments
Rainn Wilson
Yesterday 04:54

I acted for the grizzly bear. What animal will you act for? Act to save the ESA @action4ifaw #OneActForAll

326 reactions 36 comments
Jess Jones Do bears eat beats?
William Balla IV Beets
Ron Andrei The jackass. Obviously.
Joe Jensen Black Bear! Bears eat Beets!! Battlestar Galactica!!
Mary Beltran Manatee
Eddie Izzard
Yesterday 15:36

Check out Eddie's latest interview with People for his film Victoria & Abdul (out this Friday): Also be sure to check out Eddie live on tour starting this October: - The Beekeepers

‘Victoria & Abdul’ Star Eddie Izzard Comments on President Trump’s Transgender Military Ban
‘Victoria & Abdul’ Star Eddie Izzard Comments on President Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

Victoria & Abdul Hits Theaters This Friday, September 22nd Come back every day at 8:30 a.m. EST to watch People Now streaming live from Time Inc. headquarters in New York City, and rebroadcast…

1.0k reactions 28 comments
Nichole Francis Jacob Moore David Sawyer
Kris Goodwin Winnie Goodwin
Kelley Beck Plishka Kat Katherine Holtz
Linda Petherick He was brilliant in it
Katy Alexander xxx
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
9 hours ago


214 reactions 239 comments
Lauren Foster-Catan I feel like unfollow Ryan all of the time and somehow these post keep showing up in my feed.
Tiffany Leedy Duffy Brigette Walker. I think I have this 😳
Miranda Tran Sasitah Limthaveemongkol OMG look I finally found out what happened with us
Jessica Claydon Ben Scott I have an allergy
Caroline Akawi Hannah Feeney I get nauseous don't make me do things
Melissa Joan Hart
02:36 09/21/2017

Just a lovely domestic kinda day! #workingfromhome

262 reactions 19 comments
Cindy Massey Mackiewicz ❤️
Ken Perters Have a lovely one Melissa. x
Luisa Nathaly Mora Jara Me encanta q trabaje en casa☺
John Robinson Reminds me of upstate New York.
Thomas Wells Sweet Mel!!! ;) ;) ;)
Martha Stewart
9 hours ago

Our Test Kitchen says these are the nine spices every cook needs -- do you have them all?

108 reactions 5 comments
Tom McHargue Cept..Cayene don't need heat - flovr
Carolyn Weitzel Glaser NO to the red pepper flakes and cayenne, thanks
Pat Marschand I have all of those and many, many more, except my Allspice is ground, not whole.
Paulette Lester Seal I have, and use, all of them.
John Arruda I think you should make it 10 with Tumeric.
The Wendy Williams Show
9 hours ago

The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo answer our questions to see how well they know each other!

167 reactions 32 comments
Dodley Key Sean Lynch
Angela Denise Amaya Gray
Tye Merricks It ain't nun but.
Cindy Shep I agrer. She see them not making it.
Saunelle Sugar Johnson Justice for kenneka
Alessandra Ambrosio
12 hours ago

Like a butterfly 🦋

3.8k reactions 60 comments
Manuel Velásquez Que bella y sexy culo
Aman Verma Let's fly together
Ahmed Ali Super Gorgeous
Gabriel Sanchez Perfeita Maravihosaaa 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😊🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️
Ciriaco Bolonhesi Você deve ter uma linda borboletinha
Mike "The Situation"
9 hours ago

My #wcw😍 @lauren_pesce 👱🏻‍♀️

294 reactions 2 comments
Angie Davis She is beautiful!
Georges St-Pierre
4 hours ago

Merci à Yukinori Akazawa , Jayson René, Samuel Gagnon, Jonathan Doucet & Jonathan Milot pour être venus m'aider ce soir en Karate!

1.3k reactions 26 comments
Felipe Rodríguez Pedro Elías Ardila Chamorro
Beat Burkard Vincent Godbout
Garan Yablon Danni Critch :)
Guillaume René Jonathan Milot tes une vedette
Adolfo Estrada Garcia ayudame acer una career pierre
Yordi Rosado
8 hours ago

36 reactions 1 comments
Monse Téllez La Casetita Sonria Por Sabor Luis Albarran aun hay lugares en los que podemos ayudar.
Mike "The Situation"
9 hours ago

This guy is Handsome !! Moses the Chosen one 🐾

154 reactions 2 comments
Kristy Penteluik I just love his big eyes !
Santiago Santi Sano Its a dog u big dummy .if u r comparing a dog to one of gods beloved servants that is ignorant lol n stupid
Keri Hilson
Yesterday 09:54

Most motorcycle gangs are vicious and commit violent crimes. But Bikers Against Child Abuse International's mission is completely the opposite.

Child Abused By A Relative Testifies In Court, Then A Biker Gang Shows Up And Does This Him
Child Abused By A Relative Testifies In Court, Then A Biker Gang Shows Up And Does This Him

Most motorcycle gangs are vicious and commit violent crimes. But Bikers Against Child Abuse International's mission is completely the opposite.

85 reactions 1 comments
Lily Vescio Ed DeCorte Jr
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
9 hours ago

What would you do if this was your kid?!

Nurses Fired For Flipping Off Newborn Babies, Making Them Dance To Rap
Nurses Fired For Flipping Off Newborn Babies, Making Them Dance To Rap

It's probably best that they get a job in a different field.

439 reactions 91 comments
Dana Norris Smith Breaks my heart to see someone not treat a baby as a blessing.
Jessica Renee I sure hope they don't have any children of their own.
Jackie Peters Slezak I'd beat the crap out of her!
Brenda Luczynski I don't care what they are; they are wrong to do this.
Tina Hester These two should never touch another person.
Rick Ross
Yesterday 10:06

New Renzel and Bruno Mali Kidd #TotalRemix

417 reactions 19 comments
Z-kid Blood-tearz
Jaime Trill Haynes
Kingsely Cooper 90
Petardo Mario Carlos ✌🕶
Martha Stewart
9 hours ago

Like a healthy pina colada! Fresh pineapple, coconut oil, and a spoonful of chia seeds set this power drink apart.

224 reactions 3 comments
Marie-Lynn Haddad Alicia Saikali
Yahrlen Morlet Gabriela, para la Carajilla 😍🤗
Dean Ambrose
6 hours ago

The champs are FIRED UP!

14.8k reactions 155 comments
Samia Alex Ramirez I love u guys. U r awesome and my boys r such a fan for both u dean and Seth
Jake Billett Come on roman you're the last piece of the puzzle
Lan Ngoc I am very fond of you and hope you will win this Sunday! I always believe you will win!!
Petrissia Regalado Don't like Seth to big of an ego and back stabber
Nimesh Soni Hey dean shield is never completed without roman the powerhouse reing
Russell Westbrook
4 hours ago

Practice makes perfect #sponsored #whynot Six Star

10.7k reactions 111 comments
Marino Moore Kirill Payne 6⭐️ ganggang
Afran Love 👊
Prince Jels Formentera Awesome ^^
周舟 mvp
Mohssin Gharrab Rokaya Krm
The Rachel Maddow Show
9 hours ago

Trump administration officials found evidence that welcoming refugees into the United States brings real benefits to the country. Take a wild guess what happened to that evidence.

One of Trump World
One of Trump World's worst habits: burying inconvenient facts

When a president and his team start with the answer instead of the question, the result is bad policy.

4.2k reactions 332 comments
Joan Saplio We will slowly become isolated even our former allies. We will lose trade partners. And we will be known as the bully of the world. Sigh! 😢
Dyan Moore Now he's making up mysterious countries like "Mambia" in his speech at the UN. There is no country in the continent of Africa named Mambia. He's making this country (US) look more stupid every day.
Penny Gutman Link This POTUS is too unpredictable. Any job like President requires enormous training, understanding of domestic and international policy. We are a country of many nationalities, and to hate certain groups makes us weak in many ways. Trump probably ...
MD Fitch 63 billion paid in taxes over the past decade by immigrants after the cost of any benefits they may have received. So immigrants paid more in taxes than Dump or MANY corporations have paid. In other news we must have more paying into our tax systems ...
Jane Koechlin Unfortunately, I fail to see us now as a :global superpower". I know and have faith that we can be again, but this idiot-in-chief and his entire administration have to go!
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