Sarah Palin
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Catholyn Gallman Lying CNN ..... Who,watches that crap?
Alan Østergaard I don't get offended. I'm just disgusted that CNN has the audacity to call itself news. Professional news reporters get the names and the story straight before they report it. Cuomo just comes off as ignorant. CNN is nothing but tabloid drivel that's ...
Harry Shardlow Too many rhoids
Awilda Paquin These people are like kittens, easily distracted. Lol. Just wiggle a hanging feather toy or a laser in front of them and is mayhem... lol
Robin L. Fisher Their first name should be apologizing CNN
Larry King
Yesterday 09:06

Tomorrow I'm welcoming Rebecca Romijn to #LarryKingNow! What questions do you have for her? Send them in below...

What would you ask Rebecca Romijn?
What would you ask Rebecca Romijn?

Larry King will be welcoming Rebecca Romijn to our studio soon & we want your questions!

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John Muthamia How does she still continue such a crazy schedule?
Michael Moretsky What was it like being married to Bob Saget?
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 08:18

Plus the recipes that make them easy to enjoy!

12 Foods That Could Make Your Skin Brighter and Healthier
12 Foods That Could Make Your Skin Brighter and Healthier

Can you eat your way to good skin? While diet isn't the only factor when it comes to a glowing complexion, it certainly can't hurt to incorporate...

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Erika Peraza Erika Peraza
Rob Dyrdek
Yesterday 10:42

Two 25 year vegan Do-Or-Diers. One a master food innovating chef the other an A plus CEO with a creative soul, operational excellence and a financial mind. The ultimate duo to launch the the best plant based food company the world has ever tasted. Outstanding Foods is launching this spring with PigOut pigless bacon chips. Spent the day at the offices enjoying the creations of the Chef Dave as we sampled new product flavors of 🐷🚫 #DyrdekMachine #doordier #ManufacturingAmazing

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Tim Gentner Giving up real bacon is not an option.
Anthony Bialy "Pigless" doesn't belong next to "bacon".
Cathy Velasquez Guthrie Ricky Guthrie I thought I couldn’t love him more but damn
Jason Hutto “These taste just like bacon!” - Guy who’s never heard of bacon.
Jennifer Merz Lisk Everything you touch turns to gold! Love everything you are a part of! Keep on being you brother!!!
03:48 01/16/2018

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Scarleth Campos Janeth Lopez AH No Te Dije!!
Julio Cesar Daniela Arias
Elias Reyes Karla Montserrat Flores
TiTi Figueroa Rivera Bryan ahaha xD
Juan Alfonso Perez Estrada Monica Mendoza Arteaga! We tu caso amiga jajaja alv
Cory Booker
2 hours ago

I am with Héctor J. Figueroa, President of SEIU 32BJ in this video. Today he and I joined with hundreds and hundreds of leaders, union members, clergy and more to march for ECONOMIC JUSTICE. Honoring King’s legacy means joining in the efforts for fair wages and worker dignity. There is so much work to do, so many fronts on which we now must fight; for environmental justice, for the defense of voting rights, for economic justice, for equal pay for equal work, for reforming the criminal justice system, and more. Do not sit on the sidelines. Do not be a bystander. Join in, be a foot soldier for justice, be an agent of love, light and a better, more just tomorrow for all.

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Joe King Thank God has sent POTUS Trump to make politicians and clergy set us free. Democrats like LBJ Killed Kennedy and said he would have nig*e** vote democrat 200 years. Churches got 501c3 Shut the HE** u*. I will never go back to DemonRat Party. Work ...
Gary White During the Obama years the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. Today everyone is getting richer because of trump. Cory Booker has nothing to offer but class Warfare and race-baiting.
Marla Albrecht I thought they were Vikings fans!? 😂
Annie Mabo Especially here in NJ!
Megan Anne ❤️❤️❤️
Yesterday 10:12

WWE RAW: Jason Jordan distracts Sheamus and Cesaro

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Jason Bilshan oh nice...
Atif Mehmood U people always lose
Amer Abu Al Zuluf i love you
AndrewBrandi Aguilar The bars faces were like why is the nerd here lol
12 hours ago

WWE RAW: Jason Jordan distracts Sheamus and Cesaro

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Juan Manuel González Vilches #RespectTheBar
Mirosław Matis Dobrze.Cesar,pszegrał
Jason Lasjaunias I understand 😑
리카이 😠😠😠
Isabel Gomez Herrera Jason gets on my nerves
Trish Stratus
11 hours ago

My team recreated my #Raw main event match with Amy Dumas & I and it's pretty cool WWE 2K #RAW25

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Brianna Kennedy Miss you and lita
Tevin Johnson Classic
Pappu Frank Weldon
Fareez Miqael Omg so cool.. The first Women’s Main Event on Raw!
Nait Sabes WTF? When i first saw this picture, i thought "why the hell are they playing this match on PS2?" then i realized, its really WWE 2k18? What a shame what happened to the WWE Games...... Here comes the pain Remastered pls
Josie Maran Cosmetics
Yesterday 07:06

Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. and his enduring message of love, equality, kindness and hope. #MLK #Love

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Ruby Hodges So true.America needs God.
Alex Elchinoff If 'God' exists, he sure has been failing. America needs EDUCATION about Civil Rights, not a bible.
Denise Munger Yes, this is very true. People need to open their eyes and their hearts and their brains.
03:48 01/16/2018

20 mujeres que usaron ropa apretada y mostraron mucho demás, tendrás sueños con la #8 - OkPolopolo

20 mujeres que usaron ropa apretada y mostraron mucho demás, tendrás sueños con la #8 - OkPolopolo
20 mujeres que usaron ropa apretada y mostraron mucho demás, tendrás sueños con la #8 - OkPolopolo

A estas chicas les encanta la ropa apretada pero no olvidemos que, la moda es polivalente, entretenida y siempre y en todo momento nos acompaña. Las chicas siempre tendrán un “no-sé-qué” que llamará la atención de los hombres, especialmente si están vestidas con alguna prenda apretada que...

2.8k reactions 20 comments
Eliot Perez Y eso q
Jose Juan Jimenez Sublime
Coddy Pennys ¡Pinches chaquetotas milenarias!
Rick Solja Pakolin Kolorado Ponchyss Mendez Jahir Acosta Plazola Efrain Gonzalez date papa
Ligth Yagami Yolo
Yesterday 08:48

Boa noite aeeee! :*

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Dalila Caeté Nanda Caeté
Vinícius Dos Santos Moreira Boa Noite "Gatinha "! 😉
Ariane Alter nss parece minha gatinha snow
Robson Martins Gatinha manhosa
Wagno S Ribeiro Q gapiroto doido
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 08:18

Keep the waffles warm in a 200-degree oven while making the chicken.

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Neal Ramkissoon Vanda
MaríaLuisa Santistevan Olivieri Hermann Jaaniorg. Adriana Aurrecoechea
Lynn Hansel Ace Foster. Here you go.
Camille J. Simon Snoop & Martha making some real dough together. We love u 💰💰💰💰💰💰
Jesse Valdez How bout da watermelon? 🍉
Mike Huckabee
3 hours ago

You gotta hand it to him, he knows a bad deal when he sees one.

Trump Was Exactly Right About the Former US Embassy in the UK
Trump Was Exactly Right About the Former US Embassy in the UK

"'In terms of whether the Americans have sold the family silver..."

3.0k reactions 75 comments
Gloria Hawks Simmons Leave it to Obummer ....he couldn't make a good deal if his life depended on it. I'm sure there was plenty of money in it for him....personally! Dirtbag!
Wendy Baumann Krzyzanowski The new embassy looks butt ugly. Like a Mosque. Maybe that was the intention.
David Anglin Who owned the location where the new Embassy was built? Which contractors benefited from building new embassy? To which former politicians were they linked?
Carol E Donaldson #TrustTrump He’s a businessman! He’s not swayed by dollar signs like the Clintons and Obamas!
Lillie Lockwood He certainly does! He is an intelligent man!
Bill Maher
03:54 01/16/2018

Martin Luther King Jr's Last Speech

4.1k reactions 255 comments
Lisa Jackson When will people talk about how he said his dream turned into a nightmare, or when he said he thought he sent his people into a burning building....What he was saying is integration did not help his people, instead it caused many of black businesses to ...
Ann Drexler It’s so important to remember what he died for, what he lived for. Every time there is an opportunity for us to vote, we should. He gave his life for us to have that right. Please go to the poles on November 6.
Anne Karen This was 7 and a half mons before I was born. Hmmmm an amazing man. There was something in his eyes that knew "I may not get there with you...." "I fear no man..." And the look on his face tells me that night he knew is days maybe numbered. Judge a ...
Elizabeth Nikolayevich MLK didn't think he'd "get there with us" but as a youngster I thought we'd get there! We were "getting there"! But, racism has reared its ugly head once again with Drumpfs and his "deplorable"! Resist!!!
Marlene Ellis When a speech meant something, when words were true, heart felt, and I thought there was hope for a better America, that is death wasn't in vain. I now feel like the country has gone backwards as apposed to forwards. I think Dr. King would be disgusted ...
8 hours ago

Is Cain Velasquez back?!

PHOTO | Cain Velasquez Teases that he May Be Close to a Return |
PHOTO | Cain Velasquez Teases that he May Be Close to a Return |

It’s officially fight week for what may very well be the most highly anticipated heavyweight fight of all time. UFC 220 takes place this Saturday in Boston, Massachusetts and is headlined by the reigning champion who’s looking to make history, Stipe Miocic when he takes on the frighteningly powe...

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Jonathan Villa Return to do what?? He just got injured dropping a load...
Daniel Lalonde Funny how this fighter who comeback and want to retain the belt never did except gsp
Peter Brennan Nek minit, injured, out for two years.
Chris Hinchliff He was supposed to be coming back to fight but he ruptured his thumb writing a tweet.
Alonzo Mendoza Hopefully he is the same
Sarah Palin
4 hours ago

LOVE this! And congratulations!!

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Ken Pax The American Flag is One Nation Under God... stand for it and put your hand over your heart. I am still boycotting NFL, I don't know which teams are doing what, nor do I care at this time.
Kory Taylor Too bad I don't watch NFL anymore. Oh well...
Ruth Titus My heart filled with joy.
Christine Winans Go Vikings!!
Ron Allen Outstanding!!
03:48 01/16/2018

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Juan Paulo Juan Paulo
Sánchez Irineo No creo
Felipe Cortez Yo Samantha Rios
Carlos Salgado Yo siempre ahuevo😏
Bryhan Peña Así somos nosotros cuando tenemos novia. Jajajajaja Jajajajaja Jajajajaja Oz Jiménez
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 08:18

We've covered every detail for your next extravagant affair - from the invitation and decor DIY's to the masterful menu and farewell favors.

Bubble-Themed Cocktail Party
Bubble-Themed Cocktail Party

Champagne, balloons, caviar. Throw a festive bubble-themed party, and fun will be all around.

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Tiffany Tamlin Young Kim Mosher for Hana!
The Rachel Maddow Show
Yesterday 08:24

Watch Friday's interview with Rachel Maddow: "And what's most insidious about this issue is that we made these kids a promise. As a country, the United States of America promised these kids if they play by the rules and if they give us information who they are, the circumstances of their arrival, are they living a productive life, we did background checks, have they committed crimes, and if they cleared a vet, we gave them this DACA status and we told them we will not share that information with ICE. We will not deport them. And now, we're at a moment where this administration arbitrarily on September 5th decided to revoke that promise and then came up with another arbitrary date, March 5th, by which we`re going to end the protection of these almost 800,000 young people who, by the way, are in our colleges, in our graduate schools, serving in our military, working in Fortune 100 companies." - Senator Kamala Harris

3.5k reactions 374 comments
Kerrie Connelly Kirk Round up all the DaccA kids and swear them in as citizens, they are good citizens and they are educated so yes swear them all n in in February sometime and then March 1st for the rest.
Donna Deal I’m still wondering why every time Sarah Sanders remarks that Democrats are just getting in the way and not trying to work with the President the journalist don’t bring up that’s exactly what the Republicans did for 8 years! Come on media!
Ingmo Feldman Kamala Harris failed to prosecute Steve Mnuchin and OneWest for illegal foreclosures because he made a "sizable contribution" to her campaign so I'm not really interested in anything she has to say.
Andrew Washere The United States of America is no longer to be trusted on any agreement. Your word is dirt. If this is how you arbitrarily break promises to the most vulnerable and at the same time proven most worthwhile members of your community then all other ...
Francine Federici This is just so wrong ,they furfilled all that was expected;its been a win for all ,why should this lowlife,that has no moral compass,that lies repeatedly ,cannot read ,control their lives &I might add has not fulfilled any promises he has made !???? ...
Herman Cain
3 hours ago

Believe it or not, this is actually good news.

Trey Gowdy Abruptly Resigns From Powerful US House Committee
Trey Gowdy Abruptly Resigns From Powerful US House Committee

Gowdy is the first congressman to serve on four committees simultaneously.

1.7k reactions 120 comments
Carol Marek Yes he simply cannot do everything! Go Gowdy
Marilyn Waidelich Gowdy, the pit bull with the bite of a chihuahua.
John Keys Yup, now he can focus on the swamp.
Sandy McGhee Howery there was too much on his plate
Bill Colburn If Nobody Else on the Ethics Committee, besides Mr Gowdy, is Really interested in Ethics, why waste the Time.
Conor McGregor
Yesterday 13:18

Proud of the newest members of Beats by Dre. Keep pushing boundaries! #abovethenoise

3.3k reactions 172 comments
Alex Doyle Beats are crap. I have a pair of $3 headphones with better sound quality
Helder Polonio conor the best fighter in the world, and a great entertainer
Jamie Coffey Beats are overpriced and lacking real quality... just marketing
Lee Tonks The shitest headphones in the industry... 😂
Mike Angell I heard ufc was stripping him.
Mike Huckabee
3 hours ago

Over the weekend, the media continued their “bleep-storm” of outrage over what President Trump allegedly said about some nations from which we accept a lot of immigrants not exactly being paradises on Earth. They immediately twisted that alleged comment into a blatant display of racism, but pushback on that has also started rising. Some of the more interesting comments included pointing out that South Korea and North Korea have the exact same racial makeup, but only one is obviously a…well, you know. Most people understand that that appellation is something created by horrible governments, not by a nation’s people. Eddie Scarry at the Washington Examiner listed some liberal celebrities who claimed they would leave America if Trump won (none did) and the nations to which they threatened (or promised) to move. They included France, Canada, Australia and Spain. He noted that none said they would move to El Salvador. Guess they must think it’s a…well, you know.

The media don
The media don't like 'shithole countries' either

The whole national media acted as if they had to pause their Habitat for Humanity projects to share a cry after President Trump's comments.

1.3k reactions 127 comments
Mary Spencer See, the earlier meeting showed that Trump, Republicans, and democrats actually could get along and discuss, and Americans saw this. Dems can’t have their reputation by this, so Durbin created this s**tstorm to divide again.
Linda Keltner The people who thinks it's just the worst thing calling Haiti a s---hole or a 3rd world country, I have only this to ask! Why don't you take yourselves and your families and go live there for at the minimum6 months! You can't take anything with you ...
Todd Wolfe The funniest thing about this....if these countries weren't shitholes...their citizens wouldn't be leaving
Suzanne Lundy Martius And all of the liberal celebrities are still here!!
John Pecarrere People risk their lives everyday traveling and trying to escape these 3D world hell holes for the USA. To call them something nice is a fraud. They are what they are. Why do you think people are trying to escape these toilets. Screw the deceiving ...
Ron Paul
3 hours ago

Weekly Update -- Earmarks Are Not The Problem

107 reactions 12 comments
Dan Munson Thanks Ron. Good explanation.
Charles Aldridge One subject per bill in plain English.
Thomas Jeffery The problems seems to be that the people are no longer politically organized and ORGANIZED CRIMINALS are wielding the influence of government while the people are the partial but temporary beneficiaries. There you have a nutshell.
Daniel McCoy Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should be a personal choice, and not regulated by any Govt. Official.
Daniel McCoy Police Chief's and Sheriff's should refuse to enforce laws that burden their constituents with the enforcement of Federal regulations contrary to the wishes of their community. It is that simple, the public rules. We chose the D.A.'s, we chose the ...
Harrison Barnes
4 hours ago

Since today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which felt like the right time to share my conversation with David Brown, the former Dallas police chief.

7 Questions with David Brown | By Harrison Barnes
7 Questions with David Brown | By Harrison Barnes

"Dallas has been one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. But it's still got this wound in its history that it continues to struggle with."

95 reactions 3 comments
Patricia A. Montgomery On your way to being Senator Harrison Barnes!!!!!
Wayman Wong Thanks Barnes. Insightful and educational.
Greg Shea Deal Harrison Barnes, I am so very proud of you. Not just because you were a Tar Heel -- and I've been a Tar Heel fan for 47 years -- but because you are one of the classiest, smartest and most humble players in the NBA. I've honestly said many times that ...
Hines Ward
10 hours ago

Looking forward to next year! I smiled the first time I ever walked out on to a football field and no one has been able to wipe that smile off my face since! #steeler4life

3.1k reactions 196 comments
Connie Kerchin To a classy guy.
Collins Carlotta Steelers for Life !!!
Deborah Haer My favorite one too!
Gertrude McDivitt-Bressler We all love it and you
Carol Hath Been watching you since your college years....always the pro and perfect gentleman! Proud of you!
Sarah Palin
4 hours ago

The latest...

1.1k reactions 151 comments
Rachael Rawson Durbin is a known liar and told that big lie about what was said in the meeting to discredit the President and cause more trouble for him in order to give the dems a plausible reason to not attend the State of the Union! Durbin is a pathological liar ...
Larry Salmons As if I'm going to believe ANYTHING durbin says and yes I intentionally did not capitalize his name because he is a small minded small man.
Linda N Jimmy Glover Democrats don't want a deal. They could not care less about these people, just want an issue to spin and use for the next election cycle. Really sad that some people think these people actually care about them, but only during or for election purposes ...
Troy Tessneer Durbin is a lying jerk
Rosanne Westrom Dump Durbin man of no integrity or an honest bone in his body!
Steve Nash
Yesterday 15:06

playoffs or playoffs

66 reactions 5 comments
Teew Driel ask Indonesia aex. I said my money
Michael Serge Terri Serge
Adam Dennehy It depends on the team/state, but its situational as far as valuation on the regular season. I think people are starting realize how lucky we are when it comes to witnessing some of these players play. I valued every single game when you came back to ...
Simos Zenios Steve, the rest of the basketball world, at least in Europe, has playoffs too. There too the reg season winner is not valued. Truth is, the winner of each league, whether that is decided by playoffs or reg season record, is highly valued regardless of ...
Justin Meehan I'd rather discuss the value of the end of the game in basketball. You can have exciting exhibitions of talent for 99 pct of the game only for the winner to be decided by a free throw contest. How about at the end of regulation you must be leading by a ...
Layla - WWE Universe
10 hours ago

Happy birthday to one of the most beautiful Woman I know. Have a special day. I Love You 💕❤️ @thebarbieblank

1.1k reactions 53 comments
KC Reyn Yes I agree gorgeous
Punk Prince Rahul Kelly Kelly 😍 Wish you a happy Born Day
KC Reyn She same color eyes as I has
Shumbu Shaha Happy birthday
John Haferkamp Happy birthday
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