Carrie Ann Inaba
11 hours ago

[email protected] excited for #Monday #DWTS #Finals The whole gang will be judging! Who is it gonna be this year? @dancingabc @juleshough @brunotonioliofficial @grumpylgoodman

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Jocelyn Bailey Jordan!
Samantha Spohn Jordan.
Adrienne Koch Jordan and Lindsay!
Amy L Brown Jordan and Lindsey.
Ojas Davé Drew Tomlin
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 01:54

Crank out these cute last-minute Thanksgiving crafts over the weekend -- it won't take you long!

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Cristina Alsip Gina Sass-Ricci, Pamela Sass Angela Casella Kathryn Elizabeth Jocelyn Dean Sass isn't this a cute and easy idea? I love it!
Eszter Kovács We are going to take a Thanksgiving dinner with our English course. I will make the pumpkin pie. ;)
Serge Ibaka
20 minutes ago

Timeline Photos

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Jake Woods It's crazy but there is more slavery now than at any other time in world history.
Odile Magakou We need support from the elite of the African diaspora to speak up about this atrocity. To support organisation that are there to help migrants suffering in those countries. Please note that there are arabs who are willing to collaborate with other ...
Lisa Zimm Disturbing!...
Livia Hilaire Mayamba Hm on attend de voir !!!!
Linda Foster Frakes Oh my goodness
Pau Gasol
8 hours ago

A M A Z I N G #GoSpursGo B R I L L A N T E San Antonio Spurs

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Monica Valle Love u SOL
Ahmad Tar كم انت جميل في هذا الملعب
Nayo N Linda Garza Unbelievable come back! GSG
Sara Wic Moreno Come on!!
Tyrone Chamar Fogle Great game Pau,whoop whoop!!!!!
Yesterday 20:36

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Rebecca Mayan make it clear
Allen Stamper Yeah Brandy true
Devashish Kale I try to create it
Zakari Musa Yes Mama
Nansel Zitta THAT'S HOW IT IS.
Yesterday 21:24

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Luciana M Mila Segura Dix Fernandez Kush eres tu?jjj
Jazmin Ortiz Pames Aguilera Garay Mario Jurado 😉
Ulises Villacente Janeth Silva Ro tu siempre tienes uno para las discusiones jaja
Karla Reyes Yahaira Gil
Armando Acevedo Madison Cañedo
Pee-wee Herman
Yesterday 21:42

Hey, Going to try something here. I'm looking for someone who was at Rhode Island ComicCon last Saturday. You described yourself to me as "slow and really short" (Not kidding!). You left something at my table! I want to return it. Comment below with your occupation, so I know it's you! 🕵️

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Robert Verge I’m sorry that sounds like a bad Craigslist post lol
Derrick Yee That might be me! I am a loner....and a rebel.
Shane Morphis You're the man Pee-Wee. Kudos for having Twisted Sister in your movie!
Joshua Overstreet Great in Cheech & Chong too Paul.
Vicki Foster Is it my small glass shoe?
Jordin Sparks
Yesterday 18:00


Kim Kardashian Says Surrogacy Is "So Much Harder" Than Being Pregnant
Kim Kardashian Says Surrogacy Is "So Much Harder" Than Being Pregnant

Having a surrogate is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

517 reactions 39 comments
Erica Besbes Whatever!
Darein Marsh No one is being Nery nice to Mr. Marsh?
Abiolu Adewumi Adeyemo Drama Queen
Jade Pellesco Okay....?
Tabatha Marlowe Cry me a river....
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 01:54

Hot chocolate season is here.

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Dede Delaney Whitney Delaney
Lisa Raley Taranto I want more of you & Snoop Dog! 💜💚💛
Delma Hall Love hot chocolate .
Hope Solo
2 hours ago

Thank you @virginamerica flight crew #1236! Great piloting! Arrived safely on the ground in Chi-town! Ready to get a 🌭

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ديغو ميليتو ♥️
Makelele Koumalo Soma La star
Rexho Memeti Hallo bela liebe Solo grüs von Rexho 💯🌹
Diego Jose Ramirez Cute....
Jari Kälviäinen Great goalkeeper (y)
Christina Milian
Yesterday 20:24

♥️ on the weekend

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Mel Soto Sexy Ma....Peace&Love.....
Michele Kennedy A ruby red next to Jean blue is always stunning
Chelsea Colin Julia Lyn those pants tho...
Quinn Townsend Very nice my friend and I see you're walking around with my heart on your hip 🌹😎
Tone Keez Gorgous Legs Babe i want to kiss you from head to toe
Mary J. Blige
Yesterday 14:00

Listen to "Mighty River" which is the end title song from the Mudbound on Netflix streaming now....Click the link-------->

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Shadera Brundidge-Perry Stop singing Mary.
Neville Swaby Okay babe
Janice Fox Congrats love❤
Claudine Morsen de Neef Very strong movie and a beautiful Song !! <3
Tina Woods Humphrey Love you and your music Mary
Yordi Rosado
12 hours ago

Los juguetes sexuales son una forma de experimentar en el sexo y con tu pareja, pero, ¿sabes cómo se tienen que limpiar?. Hoy en Ideas que ayudan:

Limpieza básica para tus juguetes sexuales
Limpieza básica para tus juguetes sexuales

No puedes dejar fuera la Limpieza básica para tus juguetes sexuales, pues de eso también depende su desempeño, duración y por supuesto tu salud, sigue estas

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Yesterday 21:24

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Marco Cerdán Castañeda Jajjaaj
Marco Cerdán Castañeda Ajamm creo que si jo
Miguel Angel Lobato William Sosa
Julio Archundia Falcon Ven como el sexto sentido de una mujer si existe...loca o no tenía toda la razón por estar celosa 😏😏😏
Carxinho Charly Ortiz N Uyyyyyy que orgullo, ambos tratándose como basura... Qué vergüenza tratar y ser tratado así...
Yesterday 19:06

Manila! We are coming to see you Feb 17 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum! For more info on tickets, go to… this is gonna be fun!

9.0k reactions 1076 comments
Marco Persia Lets go punta tayo anyone? Once again in a bluemoon lan yan
Kris Testado “But I guess that it comes with the territory. An ominous landscape of never-ending calamity. “
Cha Rojas Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there. ❤
Ma Andrea Cristine Caceres Love love love! See you again next year! Will be my 3rd!!!! Yuhooooooo
Gennie Otsiv I hve been waiting for this.
Jordin Sparks
Yesterday 18:00

Didn't expect that!

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Tracy-Ann Stone Monique Gordon Teresan Malcolm must watch
Patricia Doughty He kinda looks and sounds like Eminem
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 01:54

Pecan crumble + pumpkin pie = The best of two dessert worlds. Watch Sarah Carey make this delightful Thanksgiving pie and try the recipe for your celebration this year:

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Rachel Mazur Rebecca Mazur
Julie Henshaw Farrow Julie Henshaw Farrow
Jamie Damgaard Kucks Kalyn
Kris Hollifield Kris Hollifield
Lucia Triana Anhara Abud Triana
Keyshia Cole
Yesterday 15:36

@Mangosorlando come party with me @kingchristopherbishop

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Elvia Chuchi Lopez Tatianna Cruz
Terry Green Quilla Breezy Jay Breedlove
Tieshka Williams Bianca Boone Jasmine Chisholm we missed this?!
Kayouna Mullins Want to make extra cash for Christmas working from home?!?!? CLICK THE LINK TO FIND OUT HOW!!!
John Mathis Hey
Lenny Kravitz
Yesterday 18:36

Westlake Studios. 6:43 p.m. Horn session with Ludovic Louis. Photo: Mathieu Bitton

2.9k reactions 81 comments
Hannah Ross Much love!!!
Padam Padam Que hermoso trabajo!!!!
Tina Maillet Doucet Never ending my friend
Gino Lee And The Master Blaster, Mr. Craig Ross
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Living Rock Legend!
George Lopez
04:54 11/18/2017

George Lopez to light Raiders torch vs. Pats
George Lopez to light Raiders torch vs. Pats

Actor-comedian George Lopez has been selected to light the Al Davis torch before the Raiders take on the Patriots in Mexico City. Raiders owner Mark Davis said Lopez's lifelong passion for the Raiders made him the right choice to continue the tradition.

268 reactions 72 comments
David Aguilar George is a bandwagon fan though 😂
Donald Anderson Lite yourself on fire!!!!
Terrin Conner Please don't let him,
Marc Anzaldo I know huh!!
Jose Mosqueda Jr. "Yeah, you member, member?"
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 01:54

Martha's mom makes AMAZING mashed potatoes.

Big Martha
Big Martha's Mashed Potatoes with Cream Cheese

This delicious recipe for mashed potatoes came from Martha's mother, Mrs. Kostyra.

177 reactions 1 comments
Jenn Harper Stewart Patti Prohaska
Sean Kingston
13:54 11/18/2017


933 reactions 207 comments
Loghaan B. Lenlie Issa fact Callina Henry 😂
Ziesha Williams Charquina Williams this you 😂😂😂
Mariel SB Montserrat Cervantes Toledo jajajajajajajajajaja
Domi Alvarez Pao Perez ahaahahaaha
Zarlasht Shinwari How u guys react to my food Sohaila AhmedCherifa AbouelgharValentina Rose Gaspar
04:48 11/18/2017

BOOM got 11 out of 13!!! How'd you do?

Can You Finish At Least 10/13 of These Destiny’s Child Lyrics Without Using Google?
Can You Finish At Least 10/13 of These Destiny’s Child Lyrics Without Using Google?

Beyonce, Michelle, Kelley and <your name here>! Have you always considered yourself the unofficial 4th member of Destiny's Child? Now is your chance to see if your really deserve that title! ...

39 reactions 8 comments
Patryk Kulczynski Aleksa Stępniewska
Kelsye Baudoin Me too!
Samantha Faye Erin Lee Walker
Sarah Myers Gina Isbell destinys Child was our jam lol
Tiffany Boozer 92% (12/13)
Soulja Boy Tell Em
04:42 11/18/2017

519 reactions 146 comments
SheeMa Grant Queenof Sheba
Lance Scego Asalee Biagioli 😂😂
Jordan Leach Quentin Clark Martin Bradley
Nicole Marie Steven Justiniano
Ya-Kanesha Herron I'm logging off Reggie Herron Chrys Keyes Chantal Hawkins Marq Milsap 😂😂😭😭💀
Yesterday 21:24

1.7k reactions 112 comments
Odin Cuevas Castro Eso no es real !!!! No puede ser real !!!!!
Alejandro Alanis Daniel Rosales Herrera Adrian Gomez😕
Carlos Flores Crusito Rosales Ortega
Rafael Romero David Cardona si podemos aun
Juan E Riviera La cara de felicidad de La Morra
Yesterday 15:42

Watch tonight's episode of The Noite com Danilo Gentili with guests Dave Mustaine and Kiko Loureiro streaming NOW! SBT

583 reactions 32 comments
Joey Florence R.I.P. Chuck
Aldenide Pinheiro Assistindo
Matheus Monteiro velhas virgens lixo
Régis Reavers 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽
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