Bon Jovi
6 hours ago

Chicago was a blast! Thank you to everyone that came out and rocked with us last weekend at the United Center. This print and many more are available at

7.6k reactions 175 comments
Joann Bernotus Reimer Are you coming back this tour? I sure hope so.
Barb Babuskow What a Great Show !!!!
Cindy Roten Can't wait to see you next Friday in Philadelphia. Hope my seats are good
Barb Lafnear-Kibbe Help me fulfill a bucket list dream, Help me get this in front of Jon. I made a awesome poster that has 13 song titles that tell my life story ..Hey Jon, your songs tell the Story of My Life It’s kind of Complicated But thanks to Bad Medicine I’ve ...
Bizzi Alice It was bloody awesome!!❤️ I have now raised my hands from New York to Chicago🙌 New Jersey to Tokyo 🙌 Now just come to Australia please 🤞🏼🙏
Sheilla Castro
Yesterday 02:54

Uma dica minha essencial: faça alongamentos antes das atividades físicas. Assim você não prejudica seu corpo com dores e lesões graves! Beijinhos! #SaúdeComSheilla #SheillaCastro #AtividadeFísica #Alongamentos

2.4k reactions 67 comments
Zé Roberto linda boas dicas minha musa bjus
Núcio Caetano Lindaaaaaaaa.S2
Robson Da Silva Ribeiro Linda
Nayara Andrade Amo suas dicas! ❤️
Getulio G. Oliveira Rainha
Ashley Tisdale
5 hours ago

For our latest music session, Chris and I recorded a cover of one of our very favorite songs from Julia Michaels. Hope you like it! ❤️ #TizzieTuesday

5.9k reactions 29 comments
Azzy Ahmed Khan <3 Ashley Tisdale ❌ ADD ME CLOS ❌ <3 ——————————————————————————————————————————————— 🍁 ✔✔ ✔✔ 🍁
Remo El Shorafa
Verena Niederkofler Bupi Schubidubi
Alessio Girardi Matteo Casalini
Laurie Ploquin Elodie Jean-Pierre 😍
Yesterday 07:12

~ Shakira’s foundation, Fundación Pies Descalzos, unites with Obra Social "la Caixa" & FUNDACIÓ FC BARCELONA to build a school in Colombia! ~ La Fundación Pies Descalzos, la Fundación Bancaria “la Caixa” y el FC Barcelona se unen para construir una nueva escuela en Barranquilla, Colombia! ShakHQ

31.5k reactions 426 comments
Johnny Ernesto Toruño Caldera Sin duda shakira quedara en la historia como una de las artista mas grande del mundo de todos los tiempo por su talento musical y el gran legado humanitario .
Martha Corredor Gracias al shakira por poner la cara y conseguir tanto para los niños. ..
Georges Darche Félicitations au BARCA et à Shakira pour cette magnifique initiative.
Hivam Velasquez Almendra Increíble que se vean más tu obras que las de los pendejos que el pueblo sube al poder .... Agradecidos por tu retribución a ese pueblo que te sigue y te adora
Âbdällâh Hámàdâ Finally.. you can get 50$ per day from this app ( whaff reward ) and When you write invitation code from capital words you will get 0.5$ and the beautiful thing you will get 0.5$ for everyone download this app and write your invitation code . If you ...
Jerry Brown
Yesterday 06:24

Gutting the Clean Power Plan is a colossal mistake and defies science itself. Erasing climate change may take place in Donald Trump’s mind, but nowhere else.

2.8k reactions 207 comments
Stephen Shelley Thank You Governor Brown. Let us know how we can join you in resisting, and then impeaching this dangerous con-man president.
Ron Calegari How can he use an Executive Order without getting the approval of congress, in which his order affects all of America and the World....
Peter Colato Lol. Trump is gonna make you his b#%^h once the federal funding stops flowing and your hollow budget comes crashing down.
Donna Blosser Having you in charge of our state is a colossal mistake. Please deal with your own failings before criticizing others. You know like the bullet train to nowhere, your spend happy ways, horrible road conditions and other failing infrastructures. Can't ...
Alia Gerard We Californians must lead the way in combatting climate change. Please let us quickly start work on a plan that other states can use as a model. If the federal government will not protect our planet, we must do this at the state level while helping show ...
Lil Wayne
11 hours ago

What do the women in your lives mean to you?

243 reactions 17 comments
Oliver Beltran If You're Single 😍😍😍 Add Or Follow Me I'll Add You Fast 💗💗💗
Sahil Anand Raj Sajjath
Jalal Uddin ❌ ρσωєяєđ ву Jalal Uddin ❌ ——————————————————————————————————————————————— 🍁 ADD CLOSE MERI JAN 🍁 Bot site ==> ✔✔ ✔✔ 🍁
Jerry South
Lexi Myers Lil Wayne💋💋💋
Ellen DeGeneres
6 hours ago

If you take a great graduation photo, print it up at Shutterfly. If you get a terrible one, send it to me. #4Ellen

3.3k reactions 256 comments
Doris Walters I'm sure optometrists wanted people who had to wear glasses look like geeks back in the day...
Sherry Hilliard I love Allen show where else can you get good laugh and fun love Saturday night live to
Chea Lane The day I graduated, I missed it so my husband put blanket and hate to take photos.
Kathy Sage Harrison Great dimples, clear skin, nice smile...but those scuba diver glasses...that's funny! That's just funny!!!
Julie Taylor you could make another pair of glasses with those lenses..
2 hour ago

Be careful what you wish for, Roman Reigns...

48.1k reactions 492 comments
Thomas Hogan If this is your last WM Taker, they better have you win or the fans will not be happy.
Rishi Mehra Undertaker is gonna eat him alive, he is not the triple h or any other ordinary superstar 22 came like Roman and now they r history so be careful Roman its going to be very tough match for u.
Prince Joshi this is the best moment of roman's life because it is very hard to to win this battle but roman is the man who always fight with his wining attitude so it is very difficult competetion for undertaker.maybe roman win or not. good luvk roman
Michael Elroy Khoosal The Undertaker should've been inducted in the Hall of Fame long time already after his lost against Lesnar. I don't see a reason for the Undertaker to fight still cause the streak is broken due to WWE and his matches is clueless and he had many titles ...
Jason Gibbons Thank you Mark for everything. All the chokeslams, last rides, tombstones and thank you for the journey. Hope the hip replacement is successful.. You have your own unique place in the wwe Hall of Fame.
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 04:30


Mom Stunned When Waiter Returns, Rips Check To Pieces. But Then Strange Man Walks Up In Tears
Mom Stunned When Waiter Returns, Rips Check To Pieces. But Then Strange Man Walks Up In Tears

"We really have to get over all this tension in America..."

608 reactions 15 comments
Sandra Singleton Love this!
Billy Marks See? Whites aren't so bad!
Nancy Laird What a wonderfull idea. Bless this man.
Dee Dee Landureth Cullipher Thanks for sharing some good news.
Elizabeth Creech 💜💜💜
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 04:00

Is he serious?!

737 reactions 379 comments
Elaine Adams Should he go to nut house?
Doreen Gingras GO home OLD man!!!
Peter MacDonald It's ok when democrats smear women. Bill Maher David Letterman Ed Schultz
Dawnie Lou Green eyed monster again
Andrew Kondelik Wow, the stupid is strong in this weirdo.
Hines Ward
Yesterday 22:12

Endless Galaxies in magical balls via Tapoos

107 reactions 10 comments
Amber Adkins Cody Osborne
Kyle Monier Kelsie Fraser
Colby Vinson Rachiel Moore I need one
Jonathan Muñoz Hernandez Maday Jiménez miraaaaa
Lauren Anne Shotts Paul Gramigna thought of youuuu!!!!
8 hours ago

Savage AF

521 reactions 46 comments
Alyssa Mckissack Dillon McClelland
Marcel Kurum Justin ten Broeke
Emma Johnson Jodan Little
Amira Janno Jess Mallorie Tabitha
Eric Ralphs Sarah BjBinh
Kim Kardashian West
7 hours ago


26.3k reactions 159 comments
Eva Maria Grater useless crap for useless people~!
Karl Zitterkopf Nice.
Tim Harris Sound cloud.mike artist.🔥
Nosiphiwo Robiyana Soci Mrs Pablo❤😍😘🙌
'Ryan Coffey Check out The Newest way to Play Fantasy Sports! Registration opens SOON!!!
Khloé Kardashian
3 hours ago

After working my butt off theres nothing that tastes better than a Slender Blend shake! Take the Protein World 30 Day Challenge and get fit for summer! #proteinworld #PW30daychallenge #PWCollab

57.8k reactions 608 comments
Wes Wolfe U da baddest, don't let em tell u any defferent👊🏼🥊💪🏼! Shake off dem Hatters😂
Kiki Long I KNEW there was a reason she started carrying that bottle!
Donna Sweatt Ummm no honey it is still there believe you me 😉.... You truly look OUTSTANDING.
Keeley Scott Nicola 'Patch' Scott soon I hope to look like this! She looks amazing x
Melissa Castillo Natalie Camacho Martinez look at her stomach ... I can't wait to be able to go to the gym! 3 more weeks 🙄
Vin Diesel
Yesterday 07:18

Timeline Photos

1.2m reactions 8533 comments
Idir Lakhdhari Beautiful photo you two pity our friends Paule our aits leave fast I hope the good gods guard him in his vast paradise I love very much. You movie together and you know I can not wait to see the eighth movie I'm waiting for with. Patients vin diésel
Jeremy Barnes He will be forever missed. RIP Paul Walker. Hope your legacy is continued to be felt in all the upcoming Fast and Furious movies. Can't wait for #F8!
Chell Thomas Love the picture. I don't know if I could see 8. I can only watch 7 up until Brian calls Mia to tell her to move on if something happens to him and then they reminiscence about the bad tuna sandwiches. . To be honest, Paul was the reason I was a fan ...
Lisa Camp Thank you for continuing to share these candid moments of you and Paul. The bring a smile to my face every time!!!! I have posted it before, but as a fan I would love some kind of photo album or yearbook type book of candid moments on all the sets of ...
Yova Osorio No conocí a paul walker más q su papel q con el tuyo iba excelente x su belleza uno de los hombres mas bellos del planeta pero siempre se le ven muy bien a los dos entonces debió de tener caracteres y actitudes similares a las tuyas muy difícil casi ...
Hope Solo
20:18 03/28/2017

What inspired me to help refugees with my latest Represent t-shirt campaign? The amazing work of Father Mussie Zerai!

Inspired by Father Zerai, Hope Launched a Campaign to Help Refugees - The Official Web Site of Hope Solo |
Inspired by Father Zerai, Hope Launched a Campaign to Help Refugees - The Official Web Site of Hope Solo |

For nearly the past two weeks, Hope Solo has run a charity apparel campaign with Represent, hoping to raise money to help educate refugees in need. While many people have made purchases to support the cause, other have wondered: Why has Hope taken up this cause specifically? This isn’t the first cha...

211 reactions 16 comments
Eric Lefebvre David Lavoie
Michael J. Groetken Rachel Groetken.....
Francesco Pincioni Grande hope
Vinson E. Lee Zeeekkkkkaaaaa!!! #Zeka
Sean Ryan Help America's homeless first.
Yesterday 23:36

Urijah Faber responds! UFC

Urijah Faber responds to TJ Dillashaw accusing him of perpetuating beef |
Urijah Faber responds to TJ Dillashaw accusing him of perpetuating beef |

Urijah Faber responds to TJ Dillashaw's accusation that he has perpetuated the beef between Team Alpha Male and Dillashaw following his departure.

48 reactions 9 comments
Michael Mili Bevy Lala he's the instigating Butt !
Shawn Arnold Responded...and explained nothing.
Todd Seeley Little fellas with all that High School drama.Act your age fellas not your size
Gabe Scanlon Urijah is so nice if he was in hell he would try to make friends with the devil like honestly
Vin Diesel
Yesterday 07:18

Vin Diesel's cover photo

334.7k reactions 2156 comments
Er Satyendra Soni योगी जी बहुत अच्छा काम कर रहे है उत्तर प्रदेश में । एंटी-रोमियो स्कवाड को बोलिये कपल को न परेसान करे।और आपका न्यू आउटफिट बहुत अच्छा लग रहा है मुख्यमंत्री जी ।
Dominik Forciniti der ist auch mit joggins sachen im usgang Padi Forciniti Joshua Gallo
Rebeno Kurdish Just introduced my Autistic 16 yr old daughter to your movie "The Pacifier" We both laughed and she's now got a crush on you. LOL
Uzair Khan Vin diesel at Golra Shareef, haters will refused to commit... 😂
Georgina Elek God could this guy get any better looking? Love u Vin.
Khloé Kardashian
3 hours ago

You guys!!! This is so sweet!!! 😍

15.3k reactions 156 comments
Prettyberry Ghandi Loveherfamilysomuch Am glad u happy again, u guys look cute together😙😘😘😘 #TEAMKLOE
Gilles Musaki Ntanu Boulbi, Aulnay-sous, Charo comme l'Essonne'Gelles;l'Essonne'Gelles;B2O est de la banlieue ouest;la banlieue ouest,Gato da Batorrrr, zorrr out deja fout' konin,J'lâcherai pas le steak, encore moins la chicken wings ,la chicken wings Le matin devant le ...
Eunice Mwasingo You deserve all the love in the world khloe
Mafalda Rodrigues Cocô podias andar um de raça branca! So gostas de chocolatinhos!?😊😉
Kjohanna Kbs Ella merecía alguien así y volver a ser feliz después d tantas tristezas el k obra con el corazón y da un amor puro algún día Dios lo premia con amores grandes e indescriptibles
Demi Lovato
9 hours ago

"Ew!" with Demi Lovato

23.2k reactions 588 comments
YounSu Kim Jane Minkyung Kim yo... is this the new disney thing? wtf is disney doing to kdis?
Marlenne Aviles Sara Bracamonte listen to the very beginning when he says how to spell Sara
Đặng Ngọc Thúy Vy Sonny is BACKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!
Gabriela Fleck Lisiane Maria não gostei da parte da almofada
Chloe Elizabeth Redvines Yates Anyone else feel this like a slightly older sicky vicky?😂
2 hour ago

#TatTuesday #TattoosDay Do you have any Aerosmith tattoos? Post with the hashtag #AeroTattoos and tag @Aerosmith on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to be featured in our next TatTuesday. #Aerosmith #Music #StevenTyler #JoePerry #JoeyKramer #TomHamilton #BradWhitford #BadBoysOfBoston #BlueArmy #tattoo #tattootuesday

2.6k reactions 48 comments
Ili Rosales Enrique Castillo
Raul Quispe Morales Que bueno un tatuaje de steven tayler
Candi Maccallini Laney Miller what's up???
Lupe Prado Mora Gracias aerosmith
Jennifer Heran I have an Aerosmith tat but I don't have instagram!! How can I share it??
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 04:30


1.0k reactions 49 comments
Derrick Dressler Kill em all
Kyle Webb It's about time! They want to play take them out!
Mike Beaty Stupid is as stupid does
Seth Ouk Forget warning shots; just blow them out of the water.
Jim Norris I luv the sound of bolts clanking in the morning :)
Speaker Paul Ryan
Yesterday 05:48

We want this to be the last tax season Americans have to put up with this broken tax code. Our tax code should be fair and simple.

709 reactions 472 comments
Hank Podzimek Investigate this Trump-Russia stuff first, without a thorough investigation it undermines the legitimacy of this Presidency and any laws he signs. As for Tax code, how about a tax code that if you have a government contract you pay the highest corp tax ...
Vader Morey So, word has it the big winners in your tax reform plan are the 1% most wealthy, while the rest of us get shafted again. This seems to be SOP for you. Why your district keeps reelecting you is beyond me.
Jack Gibbons Lets start with repealing the tax on Social Security!!! The democrats imposed it and YOU and your fellow RINO's have not done a thing to correct it!! One bill, Up or down vote! That simple!! Get it done!!
Sandy DiLorenzo DeLia Then let's get it done. You are in charge but it seems like the Democrats are. We voted for Donald Trump and his agenda not yours. Tax reform, repeal Obamacare and build the wall!!!! That is what the American people want. Let's get it together and stop ...
Ken Darryll Dufresne First of all businesses do not care about feelings. It is all about maximizing profits. That is a good thing. What is also a good thing is lowering the corporate tax rate to 15% and repatriate all that off shore money as 15% of 3 trillion dollars is a ...
Jeff Gordon
Yesterday 01:00

Will you be tuned in to FS1 for NASCAR on FOX from Martinsville Speedway? Be sure you're on the email list -> #TeamJG

682 reactions 41 comments
Ramon Uribe Good times...
Marlene Johansen Yes of course
Rod Watts Absolutely
Michael Descoteauc Ya I'll be in front of the tv
Carol Pierce Hensley Sure will you in the booth and chase in 24 nothing better
Herman Cain
Yesterday 04:48

We can use some good news like this.

1.1k reactions 60 comments
Melanie Philip Obama era internet grab....that pretty much explains why it needed to be vetoed...
Rachel Foley-Luetke Hi ... Clinton doma pedo island podesta Benghazi Russian uranium....
Jason Pletsch I don't want them tracking my usage for ads. It is bad enough that Facebook pushes ads and fills up my feed with garbage.
Vicki Struve Wow, I didn't know they could actually vote. Thought all they did was yack and steal money.
Theodore Wesley Glocker Not a fan of this at all. This was one of the few good things the previous admin had done
50 Cent
9 hours ago


The Incredible Legend of the First Black Samurai
The Incredible Legend of the First Black Samurai

He went from an African slave to a storied samurai.

1.1k reactions 0 comments
Snoop Dogg
9 hours ago

what u think?

1.6k reactions 110 comments
Allen Todd Boyd Jr. Not my genre.
Cezar Alcala Contreras Well at least they dont sagg them pants that much
Randy Gibson First thought was crack babies
Russell Hill Jump jump 😂😂😂😂
Eva De what you think?
Ashton Kutcher
3 hours ago

The fact that acid attacks are still happening makes Niraj Gera's work so important.

2.4k reactions 26 comments
Hazel Pj Grey Brave woman 💖
Amber Hanson Emmy MacRae
Ralph Melville Sad cruel
Susie Rogers God bless her
Brand Virtues that's heart breaking
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 04:00


544 reactions 11 comments
Jan James Good for you, Cavuto!
Sandi Houston No fairness...never will be with the left!
Dee Sniff Thank you Neil.
Shane Woodard Just to fair, it's only MSNBC, CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, OPB, PBS, NPR, UNIVISION, TELEMUNDO, AL JAZEER, ESPN, All the daily talk shows, All the nightly Comedy/Fake news shows, 90% of Newspapers and Internet News that are totally Biased against him... and a ...
James Patrick Smith I give up. It seems most media is unreliable.
Yesterday 23:36

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson compares himself to Conor McGregor. What do you think of this comparison? #Bellator175

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson: I was the first Conor McGregor |
Quinton "Rampage" Jackson: I was the first Conor McGregor |

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson compares his fan-friendly style to that of Conor McGregor, referring to himself as the Irishman's predecessor.

198 reactions 108 comments
Rick McGray Agreed. Was one of the faces who brought MMA into the mainstream.
John Curtin Yeah he was funny and exciting, great interviews and those slams
Peter Esson Guys the first Connor Mcgregor was Tank Abbott. Maybe not with his speak but shear power and explosiveness.
Neal Meagher He was pretty exciting fighter when he entered. It was a different time though!
Tim Wightman Lol then you would be saying conor is the 2nd rampage homie.... and no you never had a whole country behind you.
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