Marco Luque
3 hours ago

Eçes cradastru kébra as pérna, tio! #JacksonFaive

17.4k reactions 1521 comments
Marcos Machado Lorena Ferreira Vc preencheu q gostava de matemática quando foi entra na facú???
Tamara Stenia Taty Nobre, eu só gosto, não significa que eu sei kkkkk
Maggie Atzler Tatá ... Geisa ... vcs cuidado qdo estiverem na rua, pra não encntrarem o Salvador Delá ...😂😂😂
Marcia Mendes Amooooooooo vc Jackson 😍 Mas também amo demais o Ed Nerd 🤓 por favor faça maissssssass ele Marco Luque
Mari Dorn Olha aí Di Carol Silva, eu até gosto de português, não quer dizer q eu saiba....kkkkkkkk show
4 hours ago

I Thank God for the come back!!! #pray & #do#better 🙏🏾 #blessings Have a Blessed Day...

1.0k reactions 48 comments
Karrica Ludovik 📿🙏👑❤✌
Nicole Kaygun 💖💟💗
Idella Jackson 🙏🌍💗
Fabricio Petser Pereira Aaliyah love
Amilcar Polanen timmy lookin fit !!!!
Reba McEntire
7 hours ago

CeCe, so glad I got to meet you last night! I love your new album!

350 reactions 6 comments
Trần Hạ Tân <3
Deanna Stelzel LOVEEEEE THEM! So Beautiful
Calvin White I love her music!!!
Chris Langston Reba you are a LEGEND and GOD BLESS YOU!
Melissa Joan Hart
Yesterday 23:24

My @todayshow crew this am includes mom @paulajhart56 and hubby @mmwilkerson and my awesome glam team @gpcbeauty and @matthewmonzon. Who’s watching?

717 reactions 17 comments
Sushanta Paul nice
Zena O'hara 👋🏼😃
Clayton Mootrey Jr. Thank you
Meme Lesardi A white family... 😀😀😀
Stephan Gerlach So beautiful
Reba McEntire
7 hours ago

Thanks, Marcia for that wonderful song!!!!!

1.8k reactions 77 comments
Mary Sturgill Congratulations 🍾 Reba well deserved and love your cd!🙋🏼
Savo Knezevich You are so very beautiful God bless you always
Ronda Mandelert Ashworth Congratulations and much love to you, Reba!!
Mary Ryan Congratulations Reba I love your CD your the best Reba love you 💟
Beth Jaynes Congratulations Reba, love this cd....
Reba McEntire
7 hours ago

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners. What a wonderful night celebrating the love of Jesus!!!

2017 GMA Dove Awards Handed Out
2017 GMA Dove Awards Handed Out

Tune in to TBN on Sunday, October 22 at 8 p.m. CST to see this year’s awards The legendary Pat Boone recognized with SoundExchange’s Fair Play Award NASHVILLE, Tenn. (October 17, 2017) Tonigh…

4.5k reactions 71 comments
Rachael Booth Congratulations to you and your team 🌞
Deanna Lue Congratulations Reba!!!!
Kathy Abbott That's awesome!!!! Congratulations to all the winners, I'm really happy u were among the winners!!!
Joe Ward Congratulations young lady you deserve it
Cathy Cox Can't wait to see this!! Congratulations, Reba, we LOVE you!!!
Yesterday 15:36

¡Tengo un señor temazo preparado e intentaré grabarlo este mismo mes!

1.4k reactions 105 comments
Jean Piero Aáron Zapata Grande wey lo esperamos con mucha ilusión
Rodrigo Altera Suerte porta cuídate
Dayanita de Porta Of the king
Oscar Saviñon Hola😍 probablemente nadie lea esto💔, pero tengo la esperanza de que alguien lo hará🙂. Soy artista, del género urbano y agradecería que dedicaran un minuto siguiéndome🙏. No les obligó a darle like👍, son bienvenidos🙌. GRACIAS ❤️
Eduardo Rangel No nos decepciones bro :v
Rick Ross
8 hours ago

7.5k reactions 174 comments
Jonny Assoume this baby says: who is this big negga. He is the BOSS
Goshen Henry Fat boss big mouth funny
Boipelo Pelos Leeuw i can't wait for the music video of kwesta's #sodrunk, featuring you #Theboss
Majestic Banks Alomda Rick ross he's gay got no child till now
Alex Aburto Maritza Aburto this dude stays popping up on my tl and that's why I love wingstop
Mark Ruffalo
Yesterday 22:06

Support 150 Nations and Tribes standing against tar sands.

257 reactions 13 comments
Manjeet Pal
Rick Ross
8 hours ago

Fat Boy thinking Wingstop

1.6k reactions 36 comments
Letson Wassi Bossss
Twist Khalifa Rich Gang boss
Goshen Henry Boss blessing
Raymond Suarez Wack news.
Luckyy Luck Francisco Best place💯
Vice Ganda
Yesterday 14:48

945 reactions 229 comments
Blissael Salandanan Nabasa na nmin noon yang poetry. may naka post nyan sa fb
Judy Garcia Bravo!
Jhay Cousatte mhie Jhaira Cousatte kani ba nice jud elaha kang vice
Kathryne Mae Dalayan Cardoz Ecinerv Etnafni unnieeeee
Hernandez Ma Regina Panuorin mu ed Antit
Reba McEntire
7 hours ago

We had a great time at the Dove Awards last night. Thanks for the super hospitality!!! Congrats my wonderful team! @gospelmusicassoc @jimweatherson @jaydemarcus @sisemoredoug @c_spalding_ @gospelmusicassoc

2.9k reactions 88 comments
Mindy Snipes The spirit was all over you last night. I felt it too.
John Pribik How in the world does she do it running and working all the time and a smile all the time a beautiful person
Shelly Moore Reba u love that Top where can I find one it looks great on you. My dear.
Catherine Jensen It was amazing, still smiling today 😊
Tina Coy Love love love your shirt Reba!
Holly Madison
42 minutes ago

Wow – who knew?

I Drank A Shot Of Pickle Juice Every Single Day. At The End Of 7 Days, Here’s How I Felt
I Drank A Shot Of Pickle Juice Every Single Day. At The End Of 7 Days, Here’s How I Felt

Last year, my boyfriend ran a 5K and came home with a race bag. Normally these have a T-shirt, a race program, and some free snacks for the runners. But this time there was something neither of us…

65 reactions 10 comments
Briana Purvis Jody Linthicum
Sarah Hillman Jessica Hillman
Tabatha Farr Emma Pilkington your in luck
Arno Leonhart Rip your teeth enamel
Jocey Sky Natalie Sky we should try this
Martin Lawrence
14:36 10/18/2017

This is hilarious 😂

88 reactions 281 comments
James Matthew David Frazier James T. White 😂
Kent M. Jørgensen Natasja Velds hahaha epic!
Mihai Pădurețu Rareş Gabriel that ending tho
Peter Legato Dimitri Hawa Steven Bonfa Frank Bonfa Melissa Bonfa Chris Bonds Vanessa Leo Alicia Bonfa
Chris Koger Jr. Chelsea Gargis Kayla Rae lol y'all quote
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Yesterday 00:42

Interviews by the sea. Blue skies with a light breeze. Not a bad place for a chat

4.2k reactions 129 comments
Hih Arianna Romanov Elegant as always
Gary Hauger I love you gorgeous
Hugh Murdock Snr AlwAys looking great
Rachel Gale lovely photo
İlhan ER Elegant Lady.
Russell Brand
Yesterday 21:30

Board game review with Matt from Travelling Man - Leeds. Brilliant and fun. Comment below what your favourite boardgame is and if you like any of the one's Matt chose hit like or love!

469 reactions 209 comments
Raoul Dice Aww this video is amazing for our little but growing hobby!!!! <3 for Brando! Oh and favourite game will always be BSG. Who doesn't love making thier friends hate them!? :D
Emma Carver Neal My children all love Pandemic and no arguments as you are all playing against the game.
Dominic Semenuk If you want to fight against the 7 deadly sins, play The Others. Zombicide just kicks ass as well 😄🤘
Craig Coyle Pandemic - All round game Times up - Family game Elder Sign - quick dice game Dead of winter - in depth rainy day game
Stephen Wesman Brilliant 😂. Brand in travelling man, Just like you said Neil
George Strait
8 hours ago

George is heading back to Vegas on February 2 & 3, 2018 at T-Mobile Arena with special guests Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen. Tickets on sale Friday, October 27, 2017 at 10AM PST. For more information, visit

5.0k reactions 938 comments
Barbara Gleason David Gleason... Happy birthday, Valentine's, and Merry Christmas!?!😍
Amanda Mellies Mark Debacker it's a little further than just going to Oklahoma but would probably be more fun!
Jeannie Holder Lasko Mark Lasko anniversary trip? We can take the new trailer!👍🏼
Jesica Rodriguez Mia Jennifer tell my brother in law. He loves George Strait too.
Amy Schmidt This would be awesome!!!!
Yesterday 15:12

#NP Flipp Dinero ft. G Herbo - Time Goes Down Remix on #NappyBoyRadio Spotify

39 reactions 3 comments
T-Pain T-Pain T-Pain T-Pain
Daeng Rosli Daeng Abdullah #BOO_HOLLOWEEN_2_MADEA_FREE
Julie Ordon
36 minutes ago

Hippie Dreamers jewellery One of my favorite ring with amethyst, diamond & opal.

290 reactions 18 comments
Jonatan David Silva Muñoz chica bonita
Mike Steele 😍💝😎
Antonio Avecilla Hurtado Un beso y una flor
Rogerio Veiculos Linda
Antonio Avecilla Hurtado QUERERTE hati es morir de amor
Calle13 oficial
5 hours ago

MEDELLÍN 🇨🇴️🇨🇴️ El Residente promete romperla el 22 de Octubre. Prepárense para brincar y sudar por más de 2 horas mientras cantan los éxitos de Calle 13 y los temas nuevos de Residente 🔥🔥🔥 Boletos 👉🏼

549 reactions 9 comments
Ana María López Castaño Panamá cuando?
Hanna Valencia Esperándote siempre ♥️
Sonia Burgoa malditas guerras
Bayron Uff ❤ Magnífico tema...
LuLi Skaa Elkin, vete pa Medellin! jaja
Julie Ordon
36 minutes ago

What do you think about this ring? :)

162 reactions 9 comments
Habib Bullah You.very.cute
César López Paredes 😍😘😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙♥️
Mike Steele What ring?Lol...😍😎🐴
Larry Leblanc Forget about ring look at her eyes
Isabelle Hachler Your are so beautiful 😍 I
Soulja Boy Tell Em
Yesterday 19:00

930 reactions 59 comments
Kelcee Shonae' Ogden Caitlin Creech
Simpson Snc Chans 808s be hittin too hard
Ciara Simpson Amy Gabbett 😂 😂
Shardae Brianna Simpson Yvonne S McCloud
Andrese Parks Me 🤷🏽‍♀️😂
Yesterday 19:06

"I have class and you don't!"

If You Get 100% On This
If You Get 100% On This 'The Parent Trap' Quiz, You Don't Have To Go To The Isolation Cabin

Even if you don't want to admit it, The Parent Trap is one of those movies you can probably recite from start to finish. It will never cease to be fascinating, no matter how many times you've seen ...

14 reactions 1 comments
Sophie Farrugia Lydia Mueller let's get together ya ya ya
Donald J. Trump
Yesterday 18:00

This is our once-in-a-generation opportunity to revitalize our economy, revive our industry, and renew the AMERICAN DREAM!

29.0k reactions 3773 comments
Dawn McConnell Aultman My generation saw and greatly benefited by the last Tax Reform for the middle-class, Reagan’s tax plan! The benefits were startlingly evident! This is why the left doesn’t want our children to enjoy the prosperity, they know the coverts to fiscal ...
Betty Gilroy Praying for you right now Mr. President. Anyone who sees my comment, please join me right now and pray for President Donald J. Trump. It only takes a few minutes and in the evil climate of this world we are called by God to pray for our leaders. ...
Emmanuel Nwagbo A Man with Good Intention's towards his people is simply priceless and can stand anything throws at him because God Will always have his back..Keep up the good work Mr.President..MAGA
Virginia Candelaria The Libtards will never understand this message because they're so busy pushing people to welfare and free subsidies whatever possible
Anthony J Merendino Check it out, the liberal democRAT🐀 narrative. "President Trump is only cutting taxes on the 1%" Same BS the liberals continue to spew. These are the most vile and hateful people. Never happy unless something is giving to them for 'free'. President ...
Martin Lawrence
14:36 10/18/2017

When you lie! 😱

889 reactions 805 comments
Cameron Wallace Dan Littlechild best way to get out of it me thinks ? Hahah
Nicolette Jo Jennifer Beckett best laugh in a min omg 😮 too funny 😂
Paige Gingersnap Smith Alex Martin 😂 my mac and cheese can save the world hopefully
Jean Michael Miranda This nigga dint realize she just wanted that dickkkkkk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nancy Hills Loveday you have to watch this!!! Xxxxxxxxx
4 hours ago

938 reactions 36 comments
Janat Nalule Alwyz
Nathaniel Omoruyi Yeah I am happy
Patrick Parker Blessings
Kirk Pritchett Thank God for today GM
Sharon Turner-Blossom Oh yesss!!!😀
Waka Flocka Flame
Yesterday 17:30


4.6k reactions 594 comments
Brion Cephus Kenya Augurson BRUUUUUUH YOU'LL FLOAT TOO
Blakeaville Deniro What a crook
Richie Spade , 😂😂😂💀
JM San Miguel Yssa Mae Alam mo to? hahahaha
Lukas Lechner Mirjam brauchst da keine sorgen mehr machen 😄
Claudia Leitte
Yesterday 18:12

Mais um elemento importante no logo dos 10 anos de carreira: a bola ⚽ #ClaudiaLeitte #CLAUDIA10tour #FIFAWorldCup #CopaDoMundo #WeAreOne

416 reactions 19 comments
Gabriella Silva ❤❤❤
Yasmin Souza ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mimi Meireles Amo.
Laysa Castro Minha canttora mais linda 😍❤
Yasmin Souza Essa apresentação...😭❤️ ORGULHOOOOOOO!!!
Bruno Gagliasso
Yesterday 22:18

Quem fez o filme 🎥 para a Malwee foi o Matheus Mello vulgo Cabelinho Jr. Arrebentou meu amigo!

3.0k reactions 41 comments
Gleise Cristina Lindos
Flaero Kadenatoda Lindos!! 😍😘
Suéli Siqueira Que pessoas lindas são vcs
Mayara Correia Não sei pra quem olhar
Branca Holanda Cavalcante Tanta beleza numa foto😱😱
Mark Ruffalo
Yesterday 22:06

Who's going as the #Hulk for Halloween? James Corden

9.3k reactions 168 comments
Jim Barilla I son is going as Spidey but loves Hulk so I'm surprising him with my own costume
Kam Naidoo This guy probably, whoever he is...
Manuel Alejandro Gutierrez Gutierrez I would be Hulk but I'm fat. I will be the green jelly.
D.j. Mace Can't wait for the next AVENGER MOVIE!!!!!!
NayNay Renee S I've been eating donuts all week...I'm going as the "Incredible Bulk!"
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