Armin van Buuren
11 hours ago

Kuala Lumpur!!

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Marie Laure Postma Wow prachtige foto mij best Armin 👍😚🤗veel plezier daar en heef een super weekend met muziek 🎼🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏
Christal Dior You deserve every great opportunity that presents itself to you.
Liz Zimmerman Heeeey Armin !!! As you are always beautiful , also the place.. 💖😍🙂
Zeey Alias Dont forget to drink enough , malaysia so hot😂
Tony Vazquez great men, wonderful picture. Congratulations
Ricky Martin
Yesterday 00:18

#2017Throwback || January

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Edvaldo.Felipe.DA.Silva Felipe Hii Ricky Martin good night Edfsilva
Luana Zem Andréa merda, não vou poder ir!
Brenda Ozua Angel por fa ahora me llevas ?
Josefina Diaz Bendiciones de papa Dios in everything you do. Ricky do you have one minute to text me ? [email protected]
Sumanta Mukherjee গানগুলো একটু সুরে গাইলে ভালো হয়....খুব বেসুরো লাগে এখন আপনার গলা
Michael Bublé
10 hours ago

Michael's 3rd Annual Christmas Special taped in 2013 with special guests Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige AND Cookie Monster is airing on NBC December 18th at 10pm ET. Be sure to tune in!

Michael Bublé Shares Holiday Message Ahead of NBC Special
Michael Bublé Shares Holiday Message Ahead of NBC Special

Comcast brings together the best in media and technology.

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Sue Gewirtz-Cook I'll watch any of his Christmas specials. 👏🏻👏🏻
Wyb Lumpias It's almost criminal that Mariah and Michael, the two artists with the best selling Christmas albums of all time, have not even officially collaborated on any song in any of their albums. It's gotta happen sometime, right?
Pat Cuppit I'll be watching Mr b ..would not miss it ever old or new MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family Michael 😘🎅🎁🎄
Mary Bueno Michael, your Christmas Special are amazing! I always watch them! We need you to do another one!❤️❤️
Mark Young It's beginning to look alot like it.. Would love Mr Buble to do just a Christmas Tour....
Jimmy Carr
4 hours ago

Well this is real fame - I’ve had a pizza named after me.

Jimmy Carr on Twitter
Jimmy Carr on Twitter

“Well this is real fame - I’ve had a pizza named after me.”

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Mark Allen If you order the Peter Kay our have to wait for 2 months then get your money back
Simon Baxter I would have thought a Peter Kay was the Garlic Bread!
McKinnie Sizemore That's just about my favorite type of pizza, too.
Al Smith I'd have thought you'd be "The Works" because no subject is off the table.
Jacqueline Immens McCoy what happened to a 'dash of terrifying sarcasm'
Mike "The Situation"
28 minutes ago

Nailed it! 🀰

39 reactions 2 comments
Codie Williamson Michael SoSa Williamson
Andrew Herbo Hey I like jeresy shore bro
Nina Dobrev
Yesterday 03:12

6.5k reactions 100 comments
Ana Dias A nina ta um corpo lindissimo
Louise Clarke Shake that hair!! 😆xo
Juliette M Gomez Love you Nina from Puerto Rico
Annalisa Troncia Bellissima.. è come sempre simpaticissima
Amin Mari Why dear....hey please
Donald J. Trump
Yesterday 00:30

Show your pride for our GREAT country on the Christmas tree this year with our Collectible #MAGA Ornament→

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Kazmir Brown's a first for a presidency...this guy's selling you a way over priced hat...I wonder what else he's over selling...
Jeremy Cooper Drink your kale smoothies and go to your safe place. Stop crying about everything. Geez! No wonder there are so many lost and confused children out there. It stems from poor parenting.
Christian Specht I ordered 25 of them last Week, I hope they will get to me before christmas so I can hang them all over my christmas tree.
Sharon Miskin It's beautiful President Trump! Anything that represents you is remarkable; just like you :) Thank you for everything you are doing for everyone and America!
Marc Tanguay Come now, he’s the cheesiest zero class president ever. He’s like the pile of dog crap in the middle of the living room that someone puts a rose on top and thinks no one will notice there’s dog crap on the floor.
Tim McGraw
10 hours ago #TheRestOfOurLife

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Norma Sobczak Yes
Kimberly Roberson-Davidson ❤️
Darlene Kuzior awesome song Tim.
Kala Martin 👍👍
Juanita Fusilier You are wonderful
Foo Fighters
22:30 12/15/2017

At a loss for words? Express yourself with a Foo gif from GIPHY. Now with 100% more gifs -->

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Jonathan Bouthillete Foo fighters did carpool karokee before it was a thing
Geneva Semrad Danielle Semrad I don't think I have done this enough.
Melissa Corrina I can't wait to see the showwww
Irfan Ilias I remember dosing that day with my friend! It was his birthday!
Peggy Moreno Van Grouw You guys are the best. ..the best. ..the best ________ you you know the blank
4 hours ago

3.9k reactions 269 comments
Paul Y Vane Montoya Daniela Melendez
Alfonso Amargo Maricela P Landa
Cucho Pariente Shaka Mxggy Cxztillo Manchester eeee
Angie Cordova Mira Brayan Vázquez jajajajjaa
Marco Plancarte Vez Mari Reyes
Yesterday 01:36

This will be powerful!

Actresses Will Be Wearing Head-To-Toe Black At This Year
Actresses Will Be Wearing Head-To-Toe Black At This Year's Golden Globes For One Powerful Reason

While sexual assault and harassment accusations have been flying left and right, Hollywood hasn't organized a massive protest in support of survivors — yet. That will change in January, when promin...

4 reactions 0 comments
The Wendy Williams Show
4 minutes ago

'Twas the night before Hot Topics... 🎄Keep watching at

581 reactions 38 comments
Kathy Weeks Love❤ you Wendy! Very funny!😂
Rockky Nonso Very funny
Lola Beatha Why Crenshaw? What’s wrong with Wendy?
Shevon Conley I love u Wendy y’all did good job 👏
Keisha Brown That was hilarious 😂😂😂
5 hours ago

What do ya’ll think of her story?

This Model Claims No One Will Hire Her For Shoots Because She
This Model Claims No One Will Hire Her For Shoots Because She's Too Thick

Amy Jackson is a curvaceous aspiring model and actress, who's girl-next-door looks and bodacious bod make her pretty on trend for what's hot right now. The

779 reactions 89 comments
John Moni I'm Bag 💼 Designer from Berlin Germany 🇩🇪 do you like to be my blogger?
Queen Sheila Nadoo Jooji Hey look brandy you just hired her, now we've noticed her. Can we see Beyonce now.
Claudio TheAries If her body is natural then she's the most beautiful. Perfect shape
D Riley Gonzales Well a normal person would just go on a diet right?
Meriam Bosa If she's thick then I'm half a toothpick smh...
Waka Flocka Flame
Yesterday 00:00

Lol 😂😂

349 reactions 382 comments
Jay-James Offical Ja Dior this is us 😂😂😂
Charles Cox I remember that time in Newport Jun Vicente Chong...
Starrlee LaRose Lol Melanie Matchatis I can see you doing this tooo
Sara Rose Hayley Honeychurch apparently you're not the only one being found in bushes
Jessica Bustamante Lee Dent One word: matthew haha
Owl City
11 hours ago

Just updated the Cinematic Storyboard playlist with a few tracks that help set the scene for "Fiji Water." Listen now:

590 reactions 7 comments
Sukda Chuakhampheng blink 182 for life 👍🏻
Mark Fortin Just pre ordered your album!
Cameron Paris OoooOOOoooOOOOO
Cole Durrett Bro, you’re an inspiration!
Nick Christensen Nice! Jamming out now 🤘🏻
Hailee Steinfeld
Yesterday 06:48

LET ME GOOOOOOO!! Thank you The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. I had a blast last night, and loved the way you yelled "COME ON" after we finished. And how Alesso flew in from Sweden just for the show and how watt looks like he'd kill jack black in a guitar riff-off in school of rock. 🤘🏼🎸🤣💃🏻 #LetMeGo

Hailee Steinfeld and Alesso ft. watt: Let Me Go

Music guest Hailee Steinfeld performs "Let Me Go" for the Tonight Show audience. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:

2.0k reactions 53 comments
Travis Khoo Great performance!
Fer Corona 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🙌🏻 your voice is awesome😍 love it!!
Paqui Meralgo Amazing job!
Mariela Marin Ahhh her voice! ♥️
Mark E. Snyder Hello Beautiful Hailee, You are Wonderful !
6 hours ago

Watch the Grab the Wheel video out now! Timbaland​ x 6LACK. Link:

111 reactions 10 comments
Neo Mokuene Machabe Ndhlovu Mlingo Thangelane
Mandeep G John William Warcup Cameron Fagan
Zaqer Mused Calvin
Aziz Karaca This video is dope 🔥 🔥🔥
Karen Simpson #tibo
Bill Maher
4 hours ago

#RandellMinott #Truth

4.6k reactions 526 comments
Kevin Waller Sr. In addition, trust by the communities is vital. unprofessional cops make it very difficult for that to happen. the thinking when stopped, is this a professional officer that is just doing his job or the cop with a chip on his shoulder and looking to ...
Donna Bunce Demsey I understand the rage! But there is a time and a place, and historically this is not a safe place for a black man period. To go off on a rant at an officer who already approached you with a gun might not be such a bright idea...Best thing to do is get ...
Darryn Reid It is about the training but it's also about the country. When anyone can have a loaded gun in their car legally cops get paranoid over traffic stops. That said. A friend of mine in 12 year veteran of the Sydney highway patrol and in that time he has ...
Debbie Benham I can understand why the guy was so mad - he got the fright of his life with the cop drawing his gun - oh that would have been awful. At least the cop did not get all mad at him and seemed like he realized his mistake and let the guy vent. I think the ...
Chris Boggs Dude hit all the right buttons. That cop is clearly a robot. Did he even understand what the human was expressing to him? We may never know.
Nick Jonas
Yesterday 01:24

‪Atlanta! Pumped to see you at the show tonight. Let's go! #JingleBallATL iHeartRadio POWER 96.1

2.1k reactions 67 comments
Holly Henderson Have fun tonight my love ❤😻😻
Aline Giovanna Menuda Nick pero que hermoso te vez
Pennie Bentea I love his new song Home😀❤😀❤
Dafne Jacome Que guapo
Cristy De Nick Negrete Tu tan temprano con esas poses?
Bow Wow
8 hours ago

Many Surprised, Debra Lee Steps Away As President Of BET, New President Takes Over

Many Surprised, Debra Lee Steps Away As President Of BET, New President Takes Over
Many Surprised, Debra Lee Steps Away As President Of BET, New President Takes Over

In a move that has come as a surprise to many, the president of Black Entertainment Television Networks (BET) Debra Lee has announced that she will be giving up the post at the beginning of 2018. Lee will be handing over the reins to Scott M. Mills who is an executive vice president and chief …

113 reactions 6 comments
Jawara Williams Dodi xidide xh sox sox sox xozszow osu szxii
Gutchie Spencer What? She guilty of sexual violations too????
Rebecca Burns Bet went downhill years ago...
Jayelemn Jahleezy Jali They must have got all the weirdos to respond to this.
Bee Moore The channel sucks anyways...
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
4 hours ago

ICYMI: Jordan Schlansky asked Harrison Ford to sign a LEGO Millennium Falcon that took him 60 hours to build. #CONAN #StarWars

4.5k reactions 346 comments
Casey Price Sssshhhhhssshhuucckkss hahahahaha
Matt Wacker Still one of the funniest things ever.
Jeanette Cortez Ginder Dorothy in case you never saw this 🤣🤣🤣
Susanna Susse Poutiainen Kimmo, jos sä rakennat kanssa, niin mä voin antaa sulle nimmarin.. 😁
Tara Williams Sandy Petoskey-Williams who knew Harrison Ford was so funny.
4 hours ago

Se acostó con un hombre casado, pero jamás pensó que le pasaría esto

Se acostó con un hombre casado, pero jamás pensó que le pasaría esto - OkPolopolo
Se acostó con un hombre casado, pero jamás pensó que le pasaría esto - OkPolopolo

Sin conocer las consecuencias que tendría para su físico, dio rienda suelta a sus bajos instintos y se entregó al hombre casado. Tampoco conocía un dato que le hubiera ahorrado una brutal paliza que quedó registrada en video. El hecho sucedió en Bangkok, Tailandia, y la grabación recorrió la...

732 reactions 5 comments
Felix Villa Jajajaja no mames polo pinche viejo cabron jajajaa
Hector Andres Culeros pasen el video del que hablan majes no esa basura
Miguel Angel Cabrera Pinche vídeo nada que ver no Mamen 😒
Torres Jose Jajajajaja
Bill Maher
4 hours ago


1.6k reactions 80 comments
Dawn Bonfield Funk And you know what comes out of his, uh, mouth!
Mike White Tic-Toc Maher, just a matter of time until your sexual harassment/assault victims speak out... I CAN’T WAIT!
Sharon Olvera Look in the mirror.............ass looks like head!
Dorothy Flager Allen When will your broadcast come back on? need it...
James K Hanson Child porn, hope you go to jain, i'm sexually harassed by this, scarred
Mike "The Situation"
28 minutes ago

Oh no 😂

3.4k reactions 3010 comments
Ladii Benattii Vanessa Rojas me pude reír!!! recordé aquella vez que me hiciste reír con esta vaina.... OMG . :D
Taylor Shé Cooper Cathy King Allen Us at work when we're trying to beat each other to the bathroom 😂😂😂😂
Dezarae Sanders Ashley I swear this was me in the mall that day we went to go see girls trip 😂😂💀
Candis Lashley Maria, I bet Jessi was walking like this when she had her accident 😂😂😂
Angelica Lynn Miller Helen Smith remember when you tried professional speed walking for a day?! 😂
5 hours ago

Christmas is dead. [via Imgur]

9.1k reactions 2328 comments
Teresa Alba Jamie umm is this your tree?
Ben Dewitt Ryan Bohn if we were to have a tree I vote this.
Steve Christie Kara, your tree has arrived.
Amanda Marie Kuc Obi Won Muha... you better get your shit together next year. I expect this of you now
Lauren Kenyon Kat there should also be dove ornaments 🤔
Cody Simpson & The Tide
9 hours ago

Somebody put a guitar in my hands

356 reactions 9 comments
Kellý I miss you 😢
Mirända Marion <3<3 bello bello<3<3
Neya Roselle Navarro Tosoc He is so beautiful I'm cryinggg
Cheyenne Nicole Simpson Cody Simpson & The Tide Cody Aka my baby hey hp my baby 😘😘😘😘😀😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😀
Odalys Beltran I thought it was Layne Staley for a sec
Gwen Stefani
10 hours ago

Gwen Stefani, ‘You Make It Feel Like Christmas’: Amazon Music ...

2.3k reactions 503 comments
LaQueesha Sparkles From the No Doubt days, probably either "Hella Good" or "Underneath It All" From her solo work, "Crash" would have to be my top pick. Although it's REALLY hard to make a solid choice because that whole first album was one of the greatest pieces of pop ...
Lauri Lynn Don't Speak. I used to sing it in my basement band. I'm in Wisconsin and we have basements here- not garages- LOL. Gwen, I don't think I've ever seen you wear black before- it looks sooo good on you!!! Wishing you and Blake all the happiness!! ...
Vanessa Ann I love🎁you gwen your my idol always have been💝 When i had pink💞hair i even got told i look like you once but just a tan version of you🌟 ha🎄⭐⛄Merry Christmas i love all your music!!!💝🎊🎐🔮 I love return of saturn cd it got me thru alot of hard times back ...
Jessie Cruz-McCain Well i can’t just pick one cuz I love all her songs with No Doubt also so I’ll pick my 2 favorite 4 in the morning Running I love her songs she is my favorite. Can hear her all day everyday. Merry Christmas Gwen 😘💕🎄🎼 #sweepstakes
Joanne Danisi Thibodeaux I love the new song "You Make It Feel like Christmas". I also have CD's of No Doubt songs that I love. One fond memory that I have is going to see Gwen at the Save Mart Center in Fresno when she was on tour. I took my granddaughter and we had a ...
5 hours ago

754 reactions 17 comments
Nomusa Faith Well said
Jamie Smith Amen
Shamus Chesline Kasper Amen
Fay Harris :)
Phiwamandla Tsabedze Awesome Brandy
Tim McGraw
10 hours ago


409 reactions 18 comments
Chris Palmer Bobbi Jo Palmer
Regina Robinson Beautiful songs 🎄
Cindy LaChapelle like🙂
Ken Brown Merry Christmas Tim and Faith.
Norma Sobczak Thank you
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