Don Omar
Yesterday 03:54

Baila antes de que se acabe la música, vive antes de que se acabe la vida! -W. Landrón

2.1k reactions 43 comments
Araceli Andrade Reyes Hasta abajo
Sharon Mayerline Calero Eres el mejor mi favorito.....
Josue Aguilera Buen artista , Donnnn Omar .
Maria Teresa Calderon Así será mi rey
Danny Schz Asi es 💯🙌👑💪🔥
LeBron James
Yesterday 03:18

(Inner self)Mr. James please watch your head! Thanks for your concern(inner self) but I'm going to continue to elevate higher and higher until I jump out the atmosphere. #striveforgreatness🚀 #welcometoseason15👑 #rwtw🏅

45.1k reactions 901 comments
Carla Jackson My dream is meet u one day but seeing you back doing you thang make me happy ever night I don’t ever miss Cavs games I love been your fan go cavs
Frederic Louis Jeune Shahzed Nasir, he said he would pick MJ over Lebron. he said LeBron is universal , which is a great thing for LeBron. LeBron is really a talented player. But I think Mj is better than LeBron.
JR Budok (inner self)Mr. James please dont flop its a shame. Thanks for your concern(inner self) but im going to flop to win and get the best actor award.
Neil Young I think this was one of the most difficult alley oops I've seen someone make LeBron James just incredible brother amazing watching you work
Shaniqua Noble Man that was a unbelievable alley-oop dunk wish your leg was out the way here cause Jeff green face said it all he was a witness 😂😂
Paulo Coelho
Yesterday 01:54

Parents and children

Parents and children
Parents and children

When I was young, my parents sent me to a mental institution three times ( 1966, 1967, 1968). The reasons in my medical files are banal. It was said that I was isolated, hostile and miserable at school. I was not crazy but I was rather just a 17-year-old who really wanted to become a…

1.4k reactions 71 comments
Pepi Jiménez Marchante Buenas noches ,por favor me interesa el artículo pero no lo puedo leer ,no se inglés .
Yolanda Reyes The Prophet, one of my dearest books. If all peren
Susana Mendoza Genial ! Verónica decide morir fascinante libro , con unos mensajes llenos de poder !!!
Catherine Barry sending so much love , you inspire me always x
Kim Cazin Stockton you are a brave strong admirable soul. khalil is also
4 hours ago

In case you were wondering... 💍

5 Signs Your Boyfriend Might Be Proposing This Holiday Season
5 Signs Your Boyfriend Might Be Proposing This Holiday Season

Even if you’re not currently in a relationship, if you watch enough Christmas movies, you’ll probably wish you were. We don’t know if it’s the snow, the softly-lit Christmas trees or what but ther...

52 reactions 36 comments
Erika Coronado Julie Contreras did George show Amy of these signs. 😂
Kassie Kraemer Chantel Riley
Tara Rowley Kate Quartarone.....hmmmm
Melissa Robyn Ashley Clark
Laura Rubyor Amy Ruth Rubyor do these match?
Yesterday 01:12

Look at them go! ❤️

233 reactions 238 comments
Lesley Hanson Duck me! Waddle they think of next?😜
Martin Krebs Tom Schluribert Eine Ente! Oh ne, doch 5000 Enten
Elisabeth Ederer Martina kunt bei uns daham sei
Emma Louise Cheetham Hannah Jayne looks like our street
Taylor Dayton This will be me. Leslie
Pearl Jam
5 hours ago

"Jeremy" live from the documentary film, Let's Play Two.

37.2k reactions 815 comments
Brandon Naitch Hreha That Blu-ray was awesome.
Beto Aquino Roberta, jamais esquecerei a sua cara na Praça da Apoteose qdo tocaram Jeremy! 😲😂🤗
Cristiane Do Carmo Waiting anxios for march 24th...the best
Judd Ball Hate PJ politics, but the jam is good !
Bruno Marques Brazilian flag!!!!!! Beautiful places. But terrible socialists politicians. Pj beautiful musical and musicians, but terrible socialists ideologies.
Kourtney Kardashian
10 hours ago

3.6k reactions 69 comments
Gabriel Ezekiel Angulo Support our DREAMERS-- Kardashians
Lance Wells 😉😇
Miguelina Perez You too. You did just did
Artak Zarobyan Khloe for Kourtney vouz belle Jolie for MA sitre
Francisco Avelino Sanchez I’ll just watching you
Khloé Kardashian
Yesterday 06:12

5.2k reactions 74 comments
Miloud Belhadj Jolie coversation
Linah Willy Waiting for it
Gabby Vargas Happy holidays KoKo
Micheline Barros Silva Apaixonada
Fatou Gawlo Sene Khloé je t'adore beaucoup 💙💟 bisous bisous 💚💟💙💜
Kim Kardashian West
Yesterday 01:42

2.6k reactions 102 comments
Romi Shakur Nice viedio
Fernanda Quinto Nayerly Andrea Mrk yo amo ah esa familia 😍😍😍😍 me encantan 😍😍💞
Lance Wells She hates me🤓😎🐸
Belinda Boutte I was so worried for Kendal !!
Raquel Alinaitwe Haaahaaa I laughed OMG are u OK??
Snoop Dogg
Yesterday 00:06


These are the funniest Tweets of all time, this week. (26 photos)
These are the funniest Tweets of all time, this week. (26 photos)

Another week, another list of the funniest Tweets I had time to find! Enjoy them and/or enjoy complaining about how you didn’t enjoy them in the comments below. Either way, follow theCHIVE on Twitter. To retweet and follow these hilarious accounts directly, check out the Twitter Moment.

423 reactions 29 comments
James Selbee it's okay just be easy with on the words break bread sit down and smoke a little toke toke puff puff you know.
Matt Keir
Lê Huyền Trang ...
Moses Vargas Jr. To find out it was you . You Lose
Frederic Lee Arline Enjoy
Foo Fighters
7 hours ago

Foos brought the jingle bell rock to Saturday Night Live last night. 🎅 🎄🎸Watch Foos Christmas Medley: Watch 'The Sky Is A Neighborhood' on SNL: 'Concrete and Gold' out now:

14.2k reactions 494 comments
Jennifer M Hammond You will not be disappointed! Saw them on the last tour. Dave was amazing, even in his rock throne!
Eric Clayton that was super fun, Foo Fighters! too bad you had to share the space with Kevin Hart. He was awful.
Neena Pernille Øelund Pagh Omeed, er du lige så vild med Dave i en julestrik som jeg er ? btw.. hvorfor laver slikbutikken ikke lign. og naturligvis i strik!
Dylan Marler That was incredible. So was seeing them live back in November. Love these guys. Everlong is my top rock song of all time
Kaiser Mattos YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING AMAZING. Did you REALLY give up part of your time to give a spotlight to the backup singers? fuck thats cool.
Soulja Boy Tell Em
4 hours ago

Jurors vote for death penalty for killer of 8-year-old Palmdale boy Gabriel Fernandez

Jurors vote for death penalty for killer of 8-year-old Palmdale boy Gabriel Fernandez
Jurors vote for death penalty for killer of 8-year-old Palmdale boy Gabriel Fernandez

The accused forced the child to eat cat feces and his own vomit.

70 reactions 1 comments
Antonio Aguilar Shylene Speck wow you come from a nice place 😂
Soulja Boy Tell Em
4 hours ago

767 reactions 46 comments
Shontae Quartermaine Declan Hathaway
Bri Milne Brandon Nelson
Terelle Cobbo Chris Simpson
Terelle Cobbo Gwendoline Button
Maria Zavala Cathleen Ly ummm with ur physics skills.... can we do this
Yesterday 02:18

28 trips around the sun 🌞 #zacsfilm

3.8k reactions 66 comments
Karen García Teilor bebé te amo :3
Leo TreRam Like me
Abril Rosales Feliz cumpleaños te amo y te admiro y te todo
Karina Bjørn Happy. 28th. Birthday. Taylor. 🎂
George Lopez
4 hours ago

True or nah?

447 reactions 30 comments
Tammy Kuhne You're the man George Lopez
Susan Mondaca Ivan Baez
Esther Mendoza Anna
MariSol Mrtnz Jessica Prz😂😂
Maricela Martinez Rafael Jr Martinez 😂😂 Alma Carbajal será?
Yesterday 04:18

New 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥off the #HustleGang #WeWantSmoke album out NOW - #RollTheDice ft. Translee RaRa Brandon Rossi & GFMBryyce out exclusively on BET!!! Go Check it out!!! ASAP!!!#HustleGangOverErrrthang 💨💨

213 reactions 34 comments
Tyson Sanders Trash. Enough said
Tina Marie Check this
Lauren Hall Banking With Robins Federal Credit Union School First Credit Union Mountain America Credit Union Bb&t Or VyStar Credit Union? And Interested In Making $2,500 -$12,500? 24hr Process✅ Contact Me Serious Inquires Only
Cary Smith 🤮
Matthew Mayer 🔥🔥🔥🤩🤩✅
Ashton Kutcher
Yesterday 06:24

It's time to think outside the box.

989 reactions 89 comments
Grace Betancourt And the toilets will be extremely clean from now on...
Marie Andrée Malette This is been done in Montreal for years now.
Michelle Kvaz This has been around for many years.
Pam Odom if nothing else , its mood lighting for an enjoyable pooh
Libby Fletcher Ireland has been doing this for about 20 years!!
Yesterday 01:12

These guys are crazy!!! 😯

125 reactions 40 comments
Philipp Schmidt Daniel Ryam
Kymy Hedgepeth Jessica
Kymy Hedgepeth Ashley
Monta Ozola Joe Foster
Jessica Gilbert Nicole Gilbert
Lauren Conrad
1 hour ago

Hats off to all of the work-from-home mamas out there… Here’s the secret to how they do it:

Go For It: How Four Work-From-Home Mamas Make It Work - Lauren Conrad
Go For It: How Four Work-From-Home Mamas Make It Work - Lauren Conrad

Read on for a little look into the work/life balance of four working mamas…

100 reactions 4 comments
Kristina Mancini Vanessa Alzate
Dana Lynn Heather Amanda Cuff
Natalie Gordinho I wish they had actually interviewed work from home moms that don’t have the luxury of having a nanny part/full time. I gathered the secret from this article is a nanny!
Maggie Sturino Wood One thing in common: they all have or have had nannies. Makes a big difference in being able to work from home.
Donald J. Trump
5 hours ago

Tune in to hear all about President Trump's BIG week!

16.9k reactions 2734 comments
Jon Christiansen Thank you libs for all your negative comments on our pro American president Please do not stop and spread your hate so more American crooks can see what the Democratic Party is all about ensuring that Trump will get elected again. Appreciate it
Chris Kittle Tune in to hear lying dotard spin his incompetence to his flock of sheep. He'll tell us how saving billions for billionaires is good for us poor schmucks savingpennies on the dollar that could use a real break.
Mariana Verga Lloyd He will go down in history as the greatest President and American hero despite the ceaseless & constant opposition to his Presidency. He has persevered with undying, relentless devotion to his country. I only wish that I will be able to one day shake ...
Susan Urena Can’t wait to hear what the voices in his head told him this week. He is so nervous about being exposed he is trying to fire mueller yet can’t say the current indictments are false.
Bette McCormick If he was a little bit younger he could possibly be a three-term president! He has accomplished more in one year then Obama did in eight
Rafa Nadal
10 hours ago

Excited to be on the cover of the new Australian Open video game. See you soon #AOTennis

AO Tennis Reveal Trailer

Coming early 2018 to XBox One and Playstation 4, featuring ATP world number 1 Rafael Nadal. Make sure to subscribe to keep up with the latest Australian Open...

4.2k reactions 110 comments
Maria Dolores Urrutia Felices fiestas Rafa para vos y tu. Familia que este te traiga mucha salud para que puedas seguir deleitando. ,con tu juego besos
Leila Lemos C C Parabéns RAFA te desejo muita saúde e muita paz nessas festas natalinas que Deus o proteja para que possamos ver você em muitos torneios ainda.
Paul Kennard Caleb Paul finally a tennis game for Ps4 and Xbox one!
Angela Vansil Going on my Christmas shopping list...
Ascensión Manzanedo Gómez Gracias Rafa, por todo lo que aportas a nuestras vidas. Cuídate muchísimo. Siempre a tu lado.¡¡¡VAMOS!!!!!
Cristiano Ronaldo
Yesterday 19:12


160.9k reactions 3157 comments
Joshua Bako Shamakee Once upon a time, there is a one greatest footballer called------------Cristiano Ronaldo. The Record Breakers, the legend, I the saluted. I honor you because you are father of articles. God guard you.
محمد عوف ابراهيم Cristiano Ronaldo Best In The World You are the best in history You are the champion, you are the legend I hope you get the World Cup to become the King of Planet Earth :] I love Crstiano Ronaldo <3
Sofian Hadi The Best Player football in the world:-) Proud to be part of Someone that will always support You and your bed situation and in your great situation we will keep loving and support you no matter what.. cuz you are One And Only<3
Ashik Sarder Barcelona should compel their footballers to show 'guard of honor" to CR. Because, Barcelona will not get the opportunity again to show honor to 'all-time best footballer'.
Mabast Ismael I like CR7 ❤ Idon't like Messi 😑 Like if you think Cristiano Ronaldo better than Leo Messi ❤ Ronaldo is the best player in the world 💞 I am fan cr7 😍 Ronaldo is legend ,he is number one 😍😘❤ #CRI5TIANO
Kevin Hart
Yesterday 03:06

I keep telling this jackass to stop playing around with these wild animals....I don't trust them....I never have and I never will....They can all kiss my ass. P.S I think my big bald friend is letting this bravestone character to get to his head. He really won't stop this "Smoulder" shit. 😂😂😂 #Jumanji #HittingTheatersDec20TH

5.2k reactions 311 comments
Lauren Hunt Patrick O'Neal Hunt
Paul Calvay Michael Alton
Sally Abdelilah Is there a tribute for Robin Williams in this movie? That movie still makes my day
Terry Giannios Lmfao Jackass!!! Kevin Hart you're a frikin trip!!!!
Yesterday 19:18

Felicitaciones Dayana de Barranquilla por tu medalla de Oro en el campeonato Suramericano de Patinaje y a Ricardo de Cartagena por el reconocimiento de Pilo Pago! Shak Fundación Pies Descalzos

4.1k reactions 256 comments
Safir Rif hhhh
Nwagbo Jennifer Bendiciones gracias
Sofia P. Reyes Diaz :o
Ana Limas God job guys! !tu hermoso trabajo Shakira! !esta es tu medalla. .gran corazón
Oliwia Korta Gratulację źyczę wam wszystkiego najleprzego
Black Eyed Peas
Yesterday 22:42

Check it -- we're giving away some signed copies of Masters Of The Sun. Enter to win here:

323 reactions 8 comments
Myriam Geus Duim duim duim duim duim duim duim duim duim duim duim duim duim duim duim duim duim duim duim duim duim duim duim duim
Deborah Beysthefield Nice
Andrew Hope Eyes like LASERS!
Yohana Roca No me gustan los black ok
David Robert Forster x
Taylor Swift
Yesterday 20:06

The Swift Life

4.3k reactions 252 comments
Barri Barriles Feliz navidad taylor, pero la bañera quiero probar jajajaja
Alex Tasman Hart I'm so tempted to go and buy and iPhone just to download this app. #icantwaitanylonger
Andrew Stephen Harris No sorry. Too busy to be playing a computer game.
Vicky Smith Why is it only available in the US though?
Herman Cain
16:54 12/17/2017

He wasn't really grateful to the man who got him out of prison for shoplifting. And he wants you to know that for some reason.

131 reactions 1415 comments
Tennis Hatfield Mr President, your actions speak of your character. You have a heart for people. I'm grateful for your service to our nation. As for the likes of the undesirables our nation protects, they weren't raised with anything that resembles principles ...
Dwayne Burkitt I’m sick of seeing & hearing about this family of thugs & thieves. I don’t know why anyone is surprised by anything this family does or says. They’re liars & thieves & they always will be. So shut the mikes off, put the cameras down & this circus will ...
Steven Cleary Who cares why u did anything creep u can't play baseball u have no morals u have no loyalty to anyone your a loser son despite what u and your backwards family thinks. Ball shoes lol save your money lol
Judy Vargas-Wooten The three should have been left to suffer the consequences. Maybe when they got out, they would have been more grateful for the freedom they have in Ameruca. I doubt it, but maybe.
Jeff Howard Mr. Cain please stop reporting on Lavar Ball, we really could care less about him, or his opinions. And this ungrateful brat of his is even further down on our list.
Yesterday 21:48

#KonvictkartelVol2 out now everywhere💥💥💥@ogboodirty @trecarterofficial @tonetoneinherre @demarcodadon @konvictkartelofficial

182 reactions 14 comments
Sanket Gokul Deore Absolutely Lit 🔥 #KonvictIndia 🇮🇳
Abh Albert Mosta
Chizoba Bill Nelson hmmm
Louise-marie van der Pier 👐
Nick Jonas
5 hours ago

Had the chance to surprise a few awesome kids from Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC at their #JUMANJI screening earlier this week! Thank you guys for letting me stop by and hope you enjoyed the movie 👍🏻 Dave & Buster's

2.7k reactions 26 comments
Ketlyn Geovana
Emily Reyes Soñé contigo Nick Jonas
Louise Clarke 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍xo
Tonianns - ToniAnn <333
Lenore Moreland Wow
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