Lil Wayne
Yesterday 16:36

Timeline Photos

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Artur Issa Thomas ich will aber auch eine schwarze grüne augen sind nicht so wichtig aber wäre gut
Artur Issa Thomas Hauptsache 1 schwarze 1 Asiatin warum einfach so schwarze sind top Asiatinnen sind top
Alex Harris Part 2! 1999 city -state-federal crime scene 1372 walnut Street Virginia Harris Macon Georgia Pleasant Hill resident is right across the street from a school still too this day In August of 1999 Treason Bribery committing-taking bribes concealing person ...
Mussa Nkulunge Ramadhan coming stop it hurry
Greece John Good for her she is very beautiful inside out side people's with vitiligo or leukoderma they have the best heart and soul is a good people's
3 hours ago

This actually has me in tears! Such an inspiring idea.

Amazing Shelter Only Hires Homeless to Care For Animals
Amazing Shelter Only Hires Homeless to Care For Animals

It was three years ago when Glenn Greenwald and his husband David Miranda were in the forest of Rio de Janeiro and found a dog on the side of the road. The dog had trouble walking and very likely h...

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Ricky Gervais
58 minutes ago

I am making a documentary about my #humanity tour and stand up comedy in general. What questions would you like me to discuss in the film?

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Suzanne ONeill Describe the different ways you tell jokes around the world or if not changed, then the different responses you received to the same jokes. I know the people in the seats next to ours couldn't stop gushing over how you pronounced pedophilia, rather ...
John McKinlay Yes... Why the fuck is humanity falling apart? Why has intolerance and division become normal? Why has compassion for those marginalized by society become so unpopular? Empathy, so uncool?
Alice Peterson When i was growing up - my Mom would do crazy stuff to make us laugh. My Dad loved to laugh. He had some very funny family members, but wasn't quite good at quips and jokes. What advice can you can parents for bringing up the next generation with ...
Lewis Boadle For far too long the public have been in the dark about your feelings on believing in God, animal rights and causing offence in comedy? Time to tell us where you stand.
Maritza Lilliebridge Saw you last night at the Chicago Theater! It was fantastic! Never laughed so much about cunts,dead babies, and rape. You should expand on 'Is there anything that is really off limits when it comes to comedy?' Then prove them wrong!
Yesterday 13:42

"EL DORADO" OUT NOW! / YA DISPONIBLE iTunes: Amazon: Google Play: Spotify: Shakira Online Store:

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Cok's Oo Espectacular ❤️💃💃💃
Fabi Orué Córdova Cuándo vienes a Perú?...Se te extraña 😊. Espero sea pronto 😘
Muhammad MB Queeeeeeeeeeen of pop 👑👑👑❤❤
Coffee Coffee Quiet
أحمد المحمد I love you shakira
Leo Messi
Yesterday 14:00

Leo ya está concentrado en la final de la Copa. Nos vemos en el campo. #NEMEZIZ #heretocreate Leo is focused on tomorrow's Copa del Rey final. See you out on the pitch. #NEMEZIZ #heretocreate

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Roro Guerin el numéro uno Messi le Maître , si signor el Maestro ,cette coupe est déjà classée dans sa poche Alaves ne fera pas le poids j'aurais mieux aimer que ça soit le Réal afin que son altesse notre Roi du ballon rond puisse donne une unième ...
Elber Chuquizuta Yuyarima Messy lo mejor futbol es ke tu hayas nacido para poner la diferencia entre el futbol pasado y futbol presente " vamos messy demuestra al mundo de ke estas hecho suerte!!!!!!
Ahmed Rabea بقولك يا ليو ما تعرفش قهوة عندها ابو ظبى و هتذيع الماتش ؟ شوفلى كدة و لو عرفت حاجة كلمنى و صايم وﻻ زى كل سنة صحيح ؟ هههه حبيبى يابو تياجو عارف انك مسيحى انا بحب ازاولك بس ما تزعلش منى يا حبى
Itziar Hernandez Si creo que eres el mejor y no hay nadie que juegue como tu😃. Pero espero que la final de la copa del rey contra el alavesno des ni una😘
Ariel Carreras Máximo goleador de todas las ligas de Europa 2016/2017 y qué goles, nada, solo el mejor de la historia 😎
Pink Floyd
Yesterday 20:00

Today in 1978, David Gilmour's eponymous first album was released. It features his former bandmates Rick Wills (bass) and John 'Willie' Wilson (drums), who can be seen on the cover...

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Chris Middleton Raise My Rent, Short and Sweet, No Way, I Can't Breathe Anymore, Mihalis, and There's No Way Out of Here are all lovely songs. The vocals and harmonies are spot on, and Raise My Rent has the definitive Gilmour guitar sound, before he used it on The ...
Grant L'Green What a fantastic album. "There is no boundary set but time, and yet you waste it still" "And never was there an answer, not without looking, without seeing" I could go on and on
Antonio Carrabs The best Glmour's solo-album with On an island; About face is a good album...but the last "Rattle that lock" is the worst( I did not buy it !!!) ...just my opinion!!!
Bernd Kunze i like this album, i saw him solo w mick ralphs in mannheim germany, amazing concert, theres no way out of here is my fav song, amazing title
David Nielsen Played this album all summer in student housing after my freshman year at UC San Diego. "There's no way out of here..." was played during D&D games, much to the consternation of the players. A very enjoyable soundtrack for that summer.
Don Omar
Yesterday 22:18

Ya puedes encontrar #TeReto de @Alcoveronline en todas las plataformas digitales!! 👉🏾👉🏾

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Lidia Raquel Sánchez Rivero Está Genial Mi Enhorabuena 🍀!!!
Jesus Reyes Te reto... Sencillo Si tiene el sello del Rey Don Omar.. Sera un éxito total...
6 hours ago

#PSY #IU #싸이유 #PSYU #그를앉혀야만한데😂 #예고편약빨았음😍 #판듀2 #fantasticduo2 #170528 #이조합실화다🎉🙏👊

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林嘉怡 李兆祺
Edward Wookjin Jahng Andrew Cheon Alan Huh Seongtaeg Kang Hyoki Han James Liu two of my favorite people combined LOOL
Ashraf Ali
나인호 하지마 제발....ㅠㅠ
김인성 배주희 이쯤되면 아카라카 라인업?
Rafa Nadal
9 hours ago

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Ana Martorell Great.
Alan Moore Good luck to you both.
Mila Delgado Simpática entrevista !!!!! Gracias!!!!!!!
Louise Brown-Slattery The kiss emoji is to me of course Rafa 😘
Daniela Neamtu Vamos Rafa!!! Animó y mucha suerte! #10RG
Yesterday 13:42

~ Wow, En pocas horas El Dorado ya es #1 en 27 países! Increíble! Ustedes son los mejores! Shak ~ Wow, El Dorado has reached #1 in 27 countries in a couple of hours! Incredible! You guys are the best! Shak

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Thaqif Mahameed (Y)
Jú Andrade Rainhaaaaaa 🇧🇷 😍🇧🇷😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Julián Matiauda Un álbum para todos los gustos. Ya lo estoy oyendo. Éxitos Shak!!! Espero verte pronto en Argentina!
Yaicer D'Carmen Graciass por Volver soy tu fans desde la primera vez que escuché ése ritmo de ojos asi.. Sólo tenía 5 años y desde entonces te he Amado!!
معلومة بتفيدك سنقوم خلال شهر رمضان المبارك بنشر معلومات دينيه واذكار كما عودناكم متابعينا دائما وخاصه كل شهر رمضان راجين من الجميع الانضمام للصفحه للاستفاده و لكسب الأجر لنا ولكم
Mesut Özil
Yesterday 19:18

Here you go - edition two of #M10fashion is now available 🙌🏽😎 ➡ #limited #white

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Paul Allan Do think next season u will actually run for the ball
Rico Krause Vincent Seidel neue Kollektion. Weis ist mir aber aber nichts. Ich hoffe er bringt nochmal eine schwarze Kollektion raus
Dancan Okinda Tomorrow your playing my team do it style not the jokes we saw the other day between Ajax
Elvis Chibusia Hey Ozil am from Kenya your big fan please give me one T-shirt or Cap #M10fashion
Amit Das Can we focus on Saturday's match. We need to end the season on a high, and not Chelsea getting the double
Vinny Guadagnino
22 minutes ago


24 Photos That Took A Turn For The Weird When Zoomed In
24 Photos That Took A Turn For The Weird When Zoomed In

Sometimes a good zoom makes all the difference.

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6 hours ago

#예술이야 #by서장훈 #구공룡센터 #현예능요정 #서셀럽 #거인 #가창력 #207cm #판듀2 #fantasticduo2 #ft아이유 #0528 #본방사수

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Jääkiekko ja luistelu
Chaoui Sara Hajar Tahiri Halima Zarrougui bano lia mtaf9in tani hahahahah
Damlanur Karip Yılmaz Çok güzel
Kornél Hamula Are there any world tour planned? :)
윤서빈 지희님 싸이 예술이야 진짜 예술이야 대박 좋나 가사 대박이야 꼭 들어
Luis Suarez
11 hours ago

Corré este domingo en Sitges la Cursa Solidaria por la PKU y apoyá así la causa. Todos con la PKURSA!‬ ‪#yoapoyopku #pkursa‬ ‪Corre por ellos

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Michael K Annobil Luis Suarez Alberto Daiz Lusito❤💞💙💞💚 Best striker in the world🌍⚽⚽
Hugo Nelson Moreira Que tengas suerte con tu apoyo a PKU.
Souleymane Drame soulery
Souleymane Drame add me
Jaggi Dhillon att
Sarah Palin
10:30 05/26/2017

Oh, come ON.

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Calum Keen Don Lemon is a parasite, and a racist of the highest order !!
Alex Garcia Crappy news network
David Screeton Yes! Finally, a politician who knows how to handle the press!
Dennis Graff CNN sucks , been doing that since June of 2015
Louis Fos The Lemming
Vice Ganda
7 hours ago

46.4k reactions 7161 comments
Vhon Gratil Saw your moment with this kid, Vice. He is indeed an angel for all of us. His innocence manifest how beautiful life and this world is. Salamat din Vice sa walang sawang pagpapasaya sa madlang people! God bless you more!
Jhelly A Buenafe Idol n idol kita vice Ganda.... Sobrang bait moh mtulungin....Npaklaki Ng puso moh PRA SA mga ktulad nming mhihirap.....Idol saludo akoh sau sobrang fan moh koh...Araw arw akoh nanonood Ng it's Showtime..
Daisy Anabe San Jose Bait mo Vice, the mere fact na ikaw pa talaga personal na sumama para i shopping si bagets ay napaka down to earth na gesture. Truly you are amazing. Love you idol❤️
Mary Ellennette Mauri Apale Hindi nga sya nanalo pero daig pa nya ang nanalo dahil sa ipinakita mong kabaitan. We love you vice sana makasama mo rin sya sa Movie mo. Hehehehe
Airen Salvador Grave bait mo talaga vice sobra pgpalain Ka ng dios. Madame kang Na papasaya Tao kahit mgabata ingat Ka lagi vice gdbelss.
6 hours ago

Instagram post by Slash • May 26, 2017 at 9:10am UTC

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Potopea Andrei Andrei Stefanescu
Jose Quiñonez Malpartida From lima peru 😊
San Drinha Oopsss...Brazil love u. 👏👏👏👏👏
Telmo Eira am4
John JP Farrelly Brains!
Queen Rania
3 hours ago

جلالتا الملك عبدالله الثاني والملكة رانيا وسمو الأميرة سلمى خلال احتفال بمناسبة عيد الاستقلال الواحد والسبعين للأردن عمان، الأردن/ 25 أيار 2017 Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania and HRH Princess Salma at this year’s celebration of the 71st Anniversary of Jordan’s Independence Day Amman, Jordan \ May 25, 2017

44.4k reactions 1037 comments
رانيه المغربي يسعدكم ما احلاكم والله بتمنا البس ثوبك يوم يارب لو تحني علي
Jomana Chadli ربنا يحميكم مشاءالله عليكم بحبكم كتيير تحياتي😍ورمضان كريم علينا وعليكم بالخير ❤️💋🌹
Adv Abdullah Momani الله يحفضكم ويحميكم ويجعلكم ذخر لهذا الوطن ويحمي الأردن واهلها وشعبها ويبعد عنا الحروب وتبقى الأردن عزيزة
Reem Om-mohammed ما احلاكم ..يا عيني بتحسها صور فيها نبع الحنان مع احلى بنوتة بعيدا عن الالقاب والرسميات
Amal Taher Albuga كل عام ومليكتنا بالف خير ومحبوبتنا سمو الأميره سلمى بخير وحماكم الله
3 hours ago

Break out the corkscrew!

Say Goodbye To
Say Goodbye To 'Pumping And Dumping'! Drinking While You Breastfeed Is Fine

Be honest. When you first read the positive sign on your home pregnancy test, was your first thought, “Yay! I’m going to have a baby!” followed immediately by: “Crap! That means no alcohol for…ever...

85 reactions 13 comments
Stephanie MacIsaac Maureen Macisaac you need to read this
Melinda Ivie Idk about pump in dump but that latch looks painful asf!
Dani Hickling Allie Latter
Marie Roccomboli Jessica Gil
Samy Sanker Lynsey Grasser
Sarah Palin
10:30 05/26/2017

Asking for trouble.

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Craig Walton Geez.
Donna Robertson Beckstein Trey's not a prissy man like you Scarborough- he's a real man!
John Philip He speaks for people who wear vaginas on their heads
Christy Law Cobb Really?! Nothing else to say other than Trey Gowdy needs powder?! This TV host isn't even in the same league as Trey Gowdy!
James Mcclure Joe Scarbrough the nut who broke up Mika's family to criticize anyone about anything is hilarious. Will Joe now marry Mika or will he dump her now that he has conquered her.
Vice Ganda
7 hours ago

Monent with the bagets

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Mary Ann Galan Pucio hello Vice the best ka talaga kaya idol kita hindi kumpleto ang araw ko pag hindi kita nakikita sa tv sana makita din kita ng personal God bless you ❤❤❤
Rosario Santiago swerte nman ng batang ito...ka date ni vice now...kahit d sya nanalo kanina sa TNT KIDS... idol nya kc c vice kya natuwa c vice s kanya..treat nya ung bata...
Jesster Ilagan Vice bigyan mo sya ng internet at laptop para nmn mkapagpractice sya ng mga kanta. Dun daw sya nagpapraktice e sabi sa vtr knina. Hehe
Penny Santillan Tlagang ang bait mo vice,khit ako napaiyak sa bata kahit nd cya nanalo.panalo sya sau .salamat, sa oagpapahalaga mo sa kanya ..nd nya yan makalimutan sa buhay nya...God bless u vice...
Mangubat Marj Cuento helu po vice...snah mkita kitah sa personal...nwawala problema q pg nakikita ktah kahit d2 po ngaun sa mindanao mai dumating ngaung unos pro nwawala ang lungkot qw kc anjan ka lgeh ngpapasaya poh...
Sarah Palin
10:30 05/26/2017

What is the deal here??

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David Mills Webb Hubbell's and Hillary's love child! UUUUUGLY!
Debbie Duck Snider How many times does she say. "um"
Darryl Utton When you only know what your parents teach you, but your parents happen to be to biggest political criminals to ever hold office in AMERICA, you grow up criminal and stupid.
Randall Wolcott A child only a mother could love.
Sean Glickman "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, Baffle them with BS!"
Yesterday 20:12

Your top three tracks from 'The Miracle'...go!

8.6k reactions 882 comments
Aloysius Foo There are plenty of ways that you can hurt a man and bring him to the ground You can beat him, you can cheat him You can treat him bad and leave him when he's down yeah Since he was small Had no luck at all Nothing came easy to him Now it was time He'd ...
Phil Ruston Was It All Worth It? Khashoggi's Ship (sorry if spelled incorrectly) Breakthru (just for the falsetto'd 'if I could make you SMIIIIIIIILE!')
Luke Delaney first single, the title track and was it all worth it. Band should have put my life has been saved and too much love for rain and party. Not in their top 10 but solid.
Brien Martin I Want It All ... Breakthru ... The Invisible Man ... although, our daughter was born during "The Miracle" ... I am not joking; my wife wanted this album played while giving birth.
Jordi Piqué Fernández Here are my three tracks from The Miracle 1- WAS IT ALL WORTH IT , such an incredible song!!!!!! 2- I WANT IT ALL , classical Queen rock. Amazing!!!! 3- HANG ON IN THERE, more than an extra song. It's a GREAT song. It could be great hear it on stage....
Sarah Palin
10:30 05/26/2017

Classic MSM.

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Kimberly Lindley Don't forget, he walks on water!
Nancy Reynolds READ MY LIPS! HE IS NOT PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ward West More "PROOF" that the media is in Obama's pocket: The "TRAITOR", who has made Benedict Arnold look like a kindergartener, is going abouit the Earth like the devil does, giving speeches which demean America, and everything She stands for!!!
Sande Yusufu Mukasa Lubwama A President who never sink into my heart, actually!
Ed Perry Double standards for the clinton's and obamas
Yesterday 22:42

#HustleGangTourOregon Was LIT🔥🔥🔥 Seattle we at y'all neck tonight!!! #TheTurnIsReal #ItsaLifestyle #HustleGangOverErrrthang

996 reactions 61 comments
Gladys Merced Have fun baby god 💋💋💋💥💥💫🌟🌟🌟🎶🎶🎵
Ruth Gardner Don't talk to strangers
Randy Foreman Respect.It
Tina Kirk Knoxville was lit🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍
Fay Harris You are doing Great T.I :)
6 hours ago

SNOW 어플에 싸이 등장!! 지금 바로 SNOW 어플에서 만나보세요. #PSY #싸이 #NewFace #ILUVIT #SNOW #스노우

641 reactions 15 comments
Volkan Kurtuluş I make 3D Pictures your work want to :) me add list please my design page (y)
Jaquelin Luna Kyo México💞😘
Magno Matheus salve brasil .o/
김규성 이창규
강민지 이미 완료
Yesterday 13:42

Disfrutando con Nicky Jam sobre el escenario hoy en la fiesta de "El Dorado"! / Enjoying Nicky Jam on stage tonight at the "el Dorado" party! Shak #ElDorado

21.7k reactions 411 comments
Luis Fernando Rodriguez ♡♥
Wasim Seikh hermosa canción
Eliselob Parra Y esto donde fue
Alex Potts Rory McLeod I can't wait till they come to London
Erick Torres Sanchez ❤❤❤❤❤❤
10 hours ago

🏎 #dubai🇦🇪

25.5k reactions 131 comments
Ovidio Capovilla No puedo dejar el auto abierto,ya se me mandaron adentro,puf
Yarden Yaniv Dont get this one impounded tho
Manies Romeo Tijani Arab money gang...AMG
Nana Qhesi Decute aww cool
Angelina Valdez I love it this awesome 💋😍💖💜💕❤️😘💋💋💋
06:06 05/26/2017

Vitor Belfort isn't done yet!

With retirement plans canceled, Vitor Belfort targets two big Bellator names |
With retirement plans canceled, Vitor Belfort targets two big Bellator names |

On June 3, on the main card of UFC 212, MMA legend Vitor Belfort will take on Nate Marquardt in a fight that will go down as the last of his legendary career – at least, that was the original plan. Since his retirement fight with Marquardt was announced, Belfort has backtracked on his retirement...

9 reactions 17 comments
Brandon Zellner Corey
Zachary Robert James Frizzell Kaitlynn Jorgensen
Cody Johnson bellator aka geriatric league
Tom Nelson Cheal vs Vitor!
Clarence Smith Lol now if he loses In Bella tot he really does suck now
Dulce Maria
2 hours ago

Que tengan una noche llena de magia y muchas bendiciones❤🙌🏼✨😘

3.4k reactions 51 comments
Marco Antonio Lopez Osuna Buenas noches
Yasmin Carneiro Te amo Dul ♡
Manuel Chaveez Gracias igualmente ermosa mi dulce
María Furnieles Gracias dios te bendiga
Edith Martinez 😍buenas noches 😍
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