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8 Simple Tricks to Free Up Space on iPhone Without Deleting Photos

8 Simple Tricks to Free Up Space on iPhone Without Deleting Photos
8 Simple Tricks to Free Up Space on iPhone Without Deleting Photos

As an iPhone user, you might know that managing space is a serious issue. Nothing troubles more than a pop up telling you to free up space on your iPhone to take photos. This problem is with the users who have iPhones of entry levels with limited space. However, this issue can easily be resolved by…

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Mel Samson Stuwy Cochrane
Gurdeep Singh Aman Deep
Razel Llames Riza Llames Manansala
Maliha Fatema Sidra Fatema
Cao Thanh Tuấn <3 TTT <3
Martin Lawrence
12 hours ago

This is quality! 😎

80 reactions 126 comments
Daniel Haidinger Sebastian Kirchberger da für dich😂
Nikolett Picaulima Dániel Montovay nezdd 😃😃😮
Andy Robinson Wayne Stapely Louise Stapely Lewis Brown Dirk Stevens Nick Sayer Paul Vella Josh North
JV Garnett Barbara Garnett I like this
Bartek Nawrocki Adam Domek Domański prołtiiiins! 💪
Naomi Campbell
3 hours ago

#you we’re #pheomenal #janetjackson ❤️❤️😘😘😘🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️❤️😘😘

2.5k reactions 80 comments
Teddy Hon Staera legends
Nichole Lam Naomi is a fur whore!
Wilbur Carruthers P.h.e.n.o.m.e.n.a.l .....🙈🙈... #jussayin
Lisa Green Two Beautiful Black Women.
Ermek Amanov ilovu
Yesterday 12:12

A Yonkers Pizzeria Sells a 2-Foot-Long Pizza Slice

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Marjolein Decock Benjamin Christiaens das pas groot =D en das dan nog maar 1 stuk, ge moet ni vragen zo ne ganse pizza =D
Jorina Deno Kenny Eenens da eet jij ook waarschijnlijk wel graag eh 😂😂 me veeeel vleeeeeees!
Marley Ceja Selyse sooooo...... where’s the rest of the pizza?
Aaron Wilson This WHOLE PIZZA 🍕 is in the SHAPE of a slice of pizza; not the other way around! Nisha Maradkel
Claire Heathcliff Abiee Berry “I’m in training so I’ll just have one slice”😂
9 hours ago


Nikki Minaj Comes For Kim Kardashian’s Crown With Her Own NSFW Magazine Cover - The Change Post
Nikki Minaj Comes For Kim Kardashian’s Crown With Her Own NSFW Magazine Cover - The Change Post

We as a whole realize that Kim Kardashian is the ruler with regards to “breaking the web” with shocking photographs, selfies and magazine covers. She is the Kween with regards to being quite “additional” to pick up the reputation. Furthermore, what’s more, notorious than her Paper Magazine cover whe...

125 reactions 8 comments
Tom Smith Closet lesbian
Rehaan Syed Zubair Usuf
Rehaan Syed Ommer farooq
Derek Cervenka Hollywood always has the best fun how many times you have to wish on candles on my Birthday to make my dream come true
Mayang Sari 🤔im confused..which talents are they into? an artist or a porn ???
Yesterday 12:12

13 ""Game of Thrones"" Characters With Their Real Life Partners Will Ruin Your Dreams

13 ""Game of Thrones"" Characters With Their Real Life Partners Will Ruin Your Dreams
13 ""Game of Thrones"" Characters With Their Real Life Partners Will Ruin Your Dreams

Game of Thrones has been sensational in the last month. Few of the episodes of the latest season were leaked and HBO was a target of the hackers as well. There is everything in the serial from excitement to thrill and a lot more. Fans of Game of Thrones are very curious to know more about the person...

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Suzie Peter Isuru Peiris
Sissi Gargano Julia König ♡♡
Cao Thanh Tuấn <3 TTT <3
Aahil Such Mai :o
Martin Lawrence
12 hours ago


2.2k reactions 135 comments
Joanna Alexander i would have finished off with to the cops saying you wanna a coke
Wilmer Bourn 4 Black guys could not have gotten away with this.
Nick Trullinger And if the queen had balls, she'd be king!
Nosaj Mentals Hey sir what are you doing? Said the cop. Hooking up this stolen deck in this stolen car from Frisco. Wanna chase me??? Said the man typing this comment. 😂😂
Geraldine A. Abrams If they were black they would have been dragged out the car and shot !
Yesterday 15:36

This is crazy! 😮

1.3k reactions 157 comments
Paul Shepherd "crazy" That's fucking dumb.
Sam Plumley How that work out LMFAO
Sloshua Sloshmaster You know why they did this.... bc FTP!
Gabriel Derlam Scchenatto Alexandre Gustavo YuriOliveira Luiz Gustavo Bruno Perez Vitor Alencar bora fazer com a ROCAM haushaueh
Melissa Wallington North gate the other day 🤔 Linh K Pham
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Yesterday 20:30

Hi friends! I did an interview for the December issue of @redbulletin, talking about @jcvanjohnson and more! Click this link ⏩ http://win.gs/Jean-Claude-Van-Damme to read the full interview. The magazine will come out November 21. Enjoy! #JCVD #JCVJ #JeanClaudeVanJohnson #TheRedBulletin

29.8k reactions 950 comments
Gardwn Ahmad Kak van Damme gyan brwa bka majalman nya agina mutaba3aman akrd axr kara gyan ema xoman bwmalarza ley dawin mashxwlin mashxwl
Omary Daba Jean cloude.the king of the jungle. Woyooooooooooo.
Madeleintje Krullebol Hello jcvd Have a great day Greatings from belgium
İlker Macun Some things never get old, best wishes.
Valeria Costa Isso sim é um amigo que estar aqui diante de mim que me defendendo de qualquer um que Bia no caminho e meter porrada em qualquer um isso que é um amigo de verdade que estende a mão para ajudar sua amiga distante que gosta muito dos filhos dele Obrigado ...
Queen Rania
7 hours ago

Talal Abu Al Ragheb - Delight

3.0k reactions 210 comments
Rosa M Melendez Beautiful city! One of my bucket list items!!
Nippan Win nice..one day will go there
Mohamad Al Shrou الأردن رائع بقيادته الملك عبدالله وملكته الجميله الرائعه وشعبه الطيب الرائع يسعدصباحكم جميعا يا رب
Giusy Dalleo i have fantastic memories about my trip in that wanderful country!!!!!!!!!!!
Safaa Khourichfa Wouw Amazing for sure incha allah will visit Jordan :-) :-) :-)
Sachin Tendulkar
Yesterday 16:36

The Kerala Blasters team is all set to charge through the next season. And we're ready to roar in support of them. I'll be cheering for you guys. All the best! #IniKaliMaarum #LetsFootball

27.6k reactions 382 comments
Sudhansu Rout All the best to you, sir... & love you so much... 😱😘😱
Hemanth Joseph Waiting for the Action 😍 #proudfan
Antony Babu We r keralites. We love u sachin <3 we support KBFC
Ponnarash Vfc Paramasivan Mind blowing poster i can't wait iam you bing bing fan from Kerala
Yesterday 12:12

How to recognize if a woman is lying and why she really does it...

How to recognize if a woman is lying and why she really does it...
How to recognize if a woman is lying and why she really does it...

Many times in our articles we wrote how important are trust, compromise, and communication for the happy relationship. However, it is impossible to avoid the lie and people for different reasons cheat on their partners, although 83% of adults declare that they perfectly recognize when their partner…

44 reactions 9 comments
Colin Bound Lyndsay Morris ✊💦🤔🤔
Aahil Such Mai :o
Johnson Jason Scott I know some one who is like this
Shady Biaotch Lies lies sweet little lies
Anna Bruin Don't want that nose ......so I don't lie 😁
7 hours ago

🚨 GET READY LONDON, WE'RE COMING HOME ✊ ✨ Special guests announced ✨ Due to production holds released, a VERY limited amount of standing tickets are now available here: gorill.az/o2

6.5k reactions 394 comments
Courtney Reilly Marcus Gardner can we go back to when Damon spat water over us please
Jordan Rodwell Emma Maisey, still holding out for an appearance from Noel... 😅
Janice McCaig We are at Glasgow on 29th my daughter loves them
Jonathon Holmes Welsh Gorillaz plan on giving New Zealand a visit one day? theres quite a lot of us Gorillaz fans here who would love for the band to play
Frank Foreman Behold London, I'm coming......
Yesterday 12:12

9 Signs That Your Partner Has Lost Interest In The Relationship

9 Signs That Your Partner Has Lost Interest In The Relationship
9 Signs That Your Partner Has Lost Interest In The Relationship

A number of good things make a relationship work perfectly. The most important element is love between the two. As long as they are in love, it’s very hard to make them part with one another. But when other things start happening gradually, love vanishes and a relationship heads towards its end. Thi...

141 reactions 14 comments
Ryka Mae Timay Padilla#3😭
Sandhya Thapliyal Yasar Khan
Ara Okazaki Raze David awtss
Cao Thanh Tuấn <3 TTT <3
Shiela Orial Ram Rances r u?
Ricky Gervais
5 hours ago

Tickets went fast again. Sorry about that. I'll do a 2nd date.

Ricky Gervais: Humanity
Ricky Gervais: Humanity

Buy tickets for Ricky Gervais: Humanity at Colston Hall on 10/01/2018 at LiveNation.co.uk. Search for United Kingdom and international concert tickets, tour dates and venues in your area with the world's largest concert search engine.

483 reactions 102 comments
Chiné Bekker Please come to South Africa! You are such an inspiration ☀️
Jake Hodges “Worldwide Tour” - only does Northern Hemisphere.
Sam E. Pennypacker Coming to Australia anytime soon? Even Jerry Seinfeld managed to drop in this year and he hasn’t been funny since 1997!
Minnie Gray Ricky, have you seen the emaciated and starving lion in Comilla zoo in Bangladesh, we need to help him really badly 🙏
Emily April Somers I am so gutted not to get tickets :( Also sat in the queue, and already there are resale tickets going for £100+
Russell Brand
5 hours ago

Check out what Matt's little boy asked him when they were in Wagamamas. Is 30 really the right the answer?!

160 reactions 9 comments
Henry Shaw Scarlett Susan Jinno
Eleanor Marechal Oh my god 😂 Charlie Murray
Tom Cripps 21+
Gail Hengle Fill Right
Erica Dwight Why is it OK to call a female “Love” but not a male? Eh? Eh?
Martin Lawrence
12 hours ago


6.8k reactions 2188 comments
Jessica Masson Cooper I would literally pay to see you do this.. The sounds that your body would make would be incredible lol 😂😂
Maŕissa Rendon Wow this just looks painful but they do this a lot on the reservations after smoking peyote where I'm from
Mahalia Hailey J Johnson I wanna be like snheeds but that outfit would prevent me from letting him crack my back lol I trust lab coats not jean jacket vests Marissa Ford
Chablis Stewart-Williams They are in Mexico and under a different name. If you pm their website it will lead you to there actual page. Good luck.
Kimberly Schneider It looks amazing but I bet my back couldn't take it!!! Have too many issues already, do that I won't be able to stand!!!
Yesterday 15:36


3.4k reactions 3748 comments
David Öh Josch Behrens Sonntag vorm spiel einmal bitte 😂😂😂 Ach, bring gleich nen Rollstuhl mit
Caroline Maria omg that must feel so good
Kathy Dietrich I even feel better after watching this.
Laura Lux Dawn....when Lorena tries to crack ur back.... Olivia Maricela
Isabel Camacho Never let people do that to your cervical because it can led to a stroke 😕
7 hours ago

Calling all Potterheads!

Only A True
Only A True 'Harry Potter' Fan Can Get 15/15 On This Quiz

On a scale of 1-10, how big of a "Harry Potter" fan are you? You might have seen the movies and read all the books, but do you really know everything there is to know about Harry Potter and his mag...

24 reactions 11 comments
Karynne Sawyer Evan Payne
Madison Amia Packet Gizzy Packet durf je
Ashley Zeeb Alyssa Zeeb
Briarley Johnson Tash Whiting
Chenay Dadley Kerianne Rangi
Waka Flocka Flame
9 hours ago


3.1k reactions 696 comments
Sebastian Lemmekno Marqúis Evans 😂😂😂😂😂😂 that's the only logical question
Crystal N Jeremiah Ramirez Erik Bennett so this what y'all be doing?!?
Victoria Locust Ricky, that is u lol
Brian Moran Vicki M hahaha so complicated..
Amanda Bishop Holly Strome why are guys so dumb😑
Yesterday 12:12

The ‘Neck Hammock’ cures your neck pain

208 reactions 510 comments
Taylor Riddell Michael OConnell this makes me uncomfortable
Liz Nemier Breanne Chambers is this what you were talking about?
Niki Farkas Eleki Bence that might help for you too :)
Ariel Julia Thieling Boone Thieling this was like made for me!
Stacey Aprill And when someone opens your door? Lori Raffaela
Yesterday 12:12

Hysterical Siblings That'll Make You Wish You Were An Only Child

Hysterical Siblings That
Hysterical Siblings That'll Make You Wish You Were An Only Child

Sibling rivalry is only enjoyable when it happens to other people.

30 reactions 2 comments
Aahil Such Mai :o
Ricky Gervais
5 hours ago

Bristol! Tickets for #Humanity go on sale at 10am. http://bit.ly/RickyGTickets Good luck!

152 reactions 36 comments
David Selwyn Rhodri Martin
Elise Watson Australia - why are we not on the ‘world’ tour? 😔
Amanda Burke When are you coming to Australia?!
Joshua Wilkins James Evans
Nathan Packer Keep me in the loop Ricky Gervais 🙏
10 hours ago

I had the extreme pleasure of hanging with these 2 fine gents after a killer Joe Walsh performance at @HOB in LV! Good times! @JoeWalshOfficial #JimBelushi iiii]; )'

4.8k reactions 92 comments
Laura Freeman Awesome ❤❤
Laura Heffernan See ya tomorrow night Slash!
Aaron Michael Norton Ol' porn 'stache!
Adrian Hoxha Jim the best .
Dane Palmer Ask James Belushi where Jerry Lee is 😂
George Lopez
7 hours ago

To create a bond of trust , it’s important to be honest , and not get stuck in the past ! #youcompleteme and can you finish off my friend 👌🏽 #Repost @snoopdogg

1.9k reactions 806 comments
Melanie A. Madrid Lmao Freddie Paredes who does this remind you of?? "Ol gang bang over here, man its over" 😂😂😂
Raul Yanez 😂😂 that's too much lol!
Arekusandā Danieru Mendonca Would have just dumped her later for saying that with pride.
Ady Portilla This is so fake, but it sure made me crack!!!
Stephen Ryan Espino Isn’t that the dude from Never Back Down bahahaha Chappelle Show was lit. I miss that show.
Wiz Khalifa
Yesterday 13:36


10.3k reactions 163 comments
Thaw Zin Laugh now fly later🔥🔥
EL Metoualli Hamza Essam Bensaid عشيرك طرينا لبارح و دابا كيتصور مع التيتيز
Vaibhav Singh Rawat Tgod
Dave Haniff Sangster JUST LOVELY
Ronnel Tugade Lodi
11 hours ago

JUST ANNOUNCED! #KISS will headline massive Rock Fest Barcelona Rock Fest Bcn in Barcelona, Spain July 2018! http://rockfestbarcelona.com/en/

2.1k reactions 111 comments
Susan Garmon Penny rock it out ! Lol
Sharlee Neels Come to Graspop !
Kevin Merrill That fat ass fake cat needs a salad
Stephen Morrell Lysa Johnson fancy Barcelona and kiss
Stuart Geary Manchester
11 hours ago

JUST ANNOUNCED! #KISS will headline the massive RESURRECTION FEST in Viveiro, Lugo, Spain July 2018! http://www.resurrectionfest.es

1.7k reactions 58 comments
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Martin Hojdy Hojdekr Filip Kobr skvělý mladej, takže jedem ! :D
Peter Dumber KISS in Europe 2 years in a row !!!!! Wow !!!!
Simon Part Download Festival UK Philip Bassinder???
Ruth Rivers AND BARCELONA!!!!!!
Katy Perry
10:42 11/17/2017

Can't skip the steps, gotta pay your dues... Warped Tour 2008 #fbf

5.3k reactions 404 comments
Jessalyn U'ilani Alvarez Katy Perry I was at the Pasadena Warped Tour this year and then met you on Catalina Island in 2012. So cool!!
RA Alvarez You always been the princess of the Visigoths :) blessings Katy! Rue xx
Marcial Iracheta Jeniffer soy yo o también pensaste que era Nohemi a primera vista 😝😝😝
Sandara Alamares I promise to myself😂 that im gonna do rock n roll when i grew up and create my own songs at the right time and year
Tez Mulheron My two daughters and I can’t wait for the Sydney tour next year!!!🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼
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