Pamela Anderson
Yesterday 20:48

Espagne : les Baléares interdisent les corridas avec mise à mort

Espagne : les Baléares interdisent les corridas avec mise à mort
Espagne : les Baléares interdisent les corridas avec mise à mort

Le Parlement régional de l'archipel des Baléares (Espagne) a voté ce lundi 24 juillet  une loi de protection des animaux réglementant drastiquement les corridas, interdisant notamment la...

126 reactions 8 comments
Kerstin Wagner Döhring ...please! +forever+ not more sorrow-horror!..
Nathalie Garabedian 😘👍
Harri Pinta Sweet start of the week to you pamela
Sylvia Mansveld 👍👍
Lisa Healing If everyone was vegan the whole world would be a peaceful place.
Calle13 oficial
11 hours ago

Hoy, el Residente pondrá a todos en Leipzig a brincar como canguros 🔥🔥 Tickets 👉🏽

965 reactions 10 comments
Veronica Adame Garza Nelson Alexandro Poveda veee
Chío Domínguez Jan Hendrik Neidert, du MUSS da unbedingt sein!!!!
Ana Zamora Ay papi!!!😍
Sabah Dris Benaisa Cuando es el concierto leipzig ??????
Ann-Kathrin Laufs Miri Am <3
Martha Stewart
4 hours ago

Get the day off to an energized start.

No sweat: 6 healthy hot-weather breakfast ideas
No sweat: 6 healthy hot-weather breakfast ideas

Shira Bocar shares her favorite beat-the-heat ways to start the day.

34 reactions 0 comments
9 hours ago

Créditos: Debryanshow Síguelo en Facebook.

2.0k reactions 87 comments
David Escamilla Éste pendejo que !!! Dejaré de seguir este canal
Martin Herrera voy a tener que bloquear a Polo Polo, este Don eso.... me cae mal
Alfredo González Perdón me equivoque es el polo polo, pero también el plátano anda con sus mamadas
J Armando Quintana C Este pendejo que puras mamadas
Alfredo González Pinche plátano, si sigues poniendo a estos pendejos voy a tener que dejar de seguirte, se que a lo mejor te vale verga, pero no la cagues
Heidi Montag
4 hours ago

Can't fit into any bathing suits...😬

57 reactions 18 comments
Rosalva Salcido De Robles Hi from Mexico Heidi!
Why Horowitz same
Rosalva Salcido De Robles 💞
Danny Walton Go starkers!
Yvonne Astley So so worth it xx
Yordi Rosado
4 hours ago

¡Seguimos en cabina con #YordiEnExa Exafm 104.9! 😎

47 reactions 9 comments
Liliana Velarde Garcia Te Quiero Mucho Mi #Favorito Yordi Rosado😘
Sergio Aranda SALUDINES YORDI.. Desde cuernavaca morelos
Fernando Fabian Montero Palacios Ñoño a más no poder...!!!
Sheyla Fresi Saludos desde Saltillo coahuila ✌✌
Luis Blue Vazquez Saludos yordi desde texcoco
Mark Ruffalo
Yesterday 18:42

Combining our super bro powers! Thor

19.5k reactions 325 comments
Eric Ward Too much for the room! The awesome bro power needs to be experienced in smaller doses... Too much to take in!
Joey Afonso Bromance! Can't wait for the movie, it looks amazing
M.e. Deza Kristine Pastor HAHAHHAH kawawa naman si bb loki
Edlene Grace Caitlin Bishop ok but the CHEEKBONES damn
Govind Giri Hulk more powerful
Pamela Anderson
Yesterday 20:48

BULLFIGHTING : HEADS OR TAILS ? It’s all the same...

BULLFIGHTING : HEADS OR TAILS ? It’s all the same...
BULLFIGHTING : HEADS OR TAILS ? It’s all the same...

A bullfight, that bloody rite condemned by the majority of Europeans, consists of torturing six bulls for a quarter of an hour each. First of all, the picador thrusts his lance, six inches into the bull’s neck and twists it inside the wound to sever the ligament. Then he opens up

160 reactions 9 comments
Remy Bresch Bravo
Isabelle Batteux Thanks Ms Anderson <3
David Donikian Tails obviously it's a stupid useless sport
Tim Williams No way, the sport is stupid
Valerie Riou Merci de vos actions 🇨🇵️🇨🇵️🇨🇵️
The Rachel Maddow Show
4 hours ago

Presidents are not supposed to encourage the Justice Department to go after their political rivals. And yet, there's Donald Trump today calling for an investigation into Hillary Clinton -- among other Trump foes he doesn't like.

Trump still wants a federal investigation into Hillary Clinton
Trump still wants a federal investigation into Hillary Clinton

Presidents are not supposed to encourage the Justice Department to go after their political rivals. Trump's authoritarian instincts do not serve him well.

8.4k reactions 3208 comments
Lorne Roman Donald having his little hissy fit "Why are they investigating me and not her, whaaaa! " Bill Maher said it. Trump is a whiny little bitch
Eric Richiger Its funny you want them to investigate her but anyone that investigates you gets fired. P.s. they've investigated her for 20 years already wasting hundreds of millions of dollars and have come up with NOTHING!!!
Nancy Dehn Johnsen To say nothing of the fact that she is no longer his political rival. I swear, he will keep reliving that election campaign until the day he dies. I always knew he didn't really want to do the work of being president, he just wanted to win the race. ...
Robin Lakatos Well, she's not president. So there's that. Perhaps it is more important to make sure the person actually running the country isn't compromised.
Penny Gadbois Trump get over Hilary Clinton! Is the Russian interference/ collusion investigation getting a little too close to the truth that you need a distraction for your base?
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Yesterday 21:18

Swimsuit, hat and parasol. Summer essentials. #MuseMonday

789 reactions 36 comments
Vicki Lominick Beautiful
Carol MacDonald HOT SUMMER🌞🌞🌞
Jarvis C Lehmann Well...if you say so.
Gabrielle Jacob Superb
Kiyoshi Nakazawa modern girl🎵
Tony Hawk
43 minutes ago

When our family travels together, I don't need to do a "Home Alone" headcount when packing the car... I just count skateboards to see if anyone is missing. True story.

4.7k reactions 47 comments
Rajko Bogosavac Ae bre retardi usta vas jebem mrs da radite nesto
Justin Cottrell Where ya headed?
Eskil Bergman Hawk alone?😂
Daniel Crines You're a lucky man...
Reinaldo Cerioli Cool ! 😃
Puss In Boots
16:42 07/24/2017

When in doubt, always remember: the power is within you. You got this Dulcinea! #PussInBoots

50 reactions 3 comments
Andrei Tadrith Matryshka Goddamn she's so sexy
مخلص عبدالخالق جليل روعه ههههههههع ممتع القط
Kristýna Brokešová is cute but kitty is better ^^
Lauren Conrad
Yesterday 19:00

I love a good at-home mani and pedi, but when I don’t have the time, making my salon pedicure last is a must… Put these seven simple habits to the test to make your pedicure last for three weeks or more:

74 reactions 3 comments
Cristina Sanches Earn $400 extra income taking instant paid surveys ➮ #SurveyIncome1
Kelli Lalonde Love the sandals
Jennifer Lammert where can I get there sandals?
Alessandra Ambrosio
7 hours ago

Timeline Photos

1.3k reactions 24 comments
Koenraad Mortele Nicole M. Pearlstein
Julio Adrian Ramirez Ruiz 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔?????????
M.P. Landry True
Jorge Moya lv u
Kiril Kalaijiev ok
Reba McEntire
Yesterday 04:06

If you didn’t get the limited release of MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS last year, we’re putting it out again this year with a new cover plus three additional songs featuring my friends Vince Gill and Amy Grant, Darius Rucker and Lauren Daigle! It will be in stores everywhere October 13. Stay tuned for more information about special pre-order bundles coming soon on! #MerryChristmas #ChristmasInJuly

7.5k reactions 328 comments
Shawn Collegian I shared! Love Christmas music!. Just a few more months to go!. 😀❤️!.
Phillip Derrell George Strait Momma hit me ASAP 7133982114
Roger Clarke Where are they on sell at
Melinda Kemph I'm setting a reminder on my calendar.!!!
Gaetan Landry Wow, that's so cool. I didn't realize you we're friends with Lauren Daigle she's also a great singer, I love her stuff too.😍✌️👍
Bow Wow
Yesterday 04:36

Family members warned him, but he loved her.

Sad. Mother In Mourning As Her Son Was Murdered By His Girlfriend
Sad. Mother In Mourning As Her Son Was Murdered By His Girlfriend

In tears, Patricia Scott, mother of Ramel Patterson, reflected back on how much her son loved life. Patterson had a burst of energy as he was a lovable man who loved motorcycles. Scott described her son as being very compassionate as he dated a woman with issues. Despite the warnings from family mem

1.3k reactions 44 comments
Wanda Johnson-Brown 🙏🙏🙏
La Shona Ward Aww u have my condolences
Jennifer Nixon Heartbreaking hugs to the family.
Tye Merricks I never left.
Vera More Candy Wooi!....Hawa watu si wanauwananga?
Petra Nemcova - Official
5 hours ago

My childhood may be over, but that doesn't mean playtime is. ~Ron Olson

747 reactions 36 comments
Mark Daniels Hey Hey...
Dong Ang funny you.
Tdo Gosshi Cute ! (^_^)/♥
Bertrand Belony Wow
Kevin Leto Playful personalities are the BEST! (y)
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
8 hours ago

Conan pays tribute to Adam West.

5.7k reactions 123 comments
Calvin Nelson that was good
Sandi Skeen I loved this tribute to Mr. West
Jonathan Hughes Turned down Julie newmar for marriage? Totally gay for robin...
Mika Antero One and only Batman.
Thomas Joesph Pryor God bless Conan for doing this !
Gucci Mane
Yesterday 02:48

All from beef on Facebook?

(Video) 17 Year-Old Teen Shot Dead & His14 Year-Old Cousin Wounded Over Facebook Beef
(Video) 17 Year-Old Teen Shot Dead & His14 Year-Old Cousin Wounded Over Facebook Beef

Keith Kyser, 17, and his 14 year old cousin, Karin Samuels, were walking in a Brooklyn...

346 reactions 17 comments
Nana Carr Kee Dre
Jeremy Derell Renfroe Smh these Stupid Kidz these dayz.... Where they Parents at..?? Facebook ain't nunthin but the Devil. Fuck social media. Mf'ah quit 2 tweak about police brutality and White people and racism we tawkin each other's and takein Lives away 4 noo reason... ...
Eloy Livan Rip
Gerald Gregory But black lives matter!? Right....!!
Gerald Gregory Get the fuck!!! Out of here!
Three Days Grace
Yesterday 02:54

Neil tracking drums. The new record is under way!🤘🏻😜🤘🏻

2.6k reactions 86 comments
Sebastian Aguirre I am sk fucking hyped
Fazio Ikon Mirko New album in 2018? I hope so
Haley Sciole I can't wait.
Juan Antonio HF im hyped
Sacha Drummond Elsa 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
15:42 07/24/2017

Beautiful & painful -- must read #RIPChester

Linkin Park Releases Heartbreaking Statement Following Death Of Chester Bennington
Linkin Park Releases Heartbreaking Statement Following Death Of Chester Bennington

Hearts have broken wide open following the death of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, but the tribute from his band mates may be the most emotional reaction yet. The short letter was posted t...

42 reactions 20 comments
Karen Alvarez 😭😭 rip Chester
Holly Custer Amber Felkins❤🙏
Frankie Panganiban RIP my boy done
Josha Vang Went to go see his best friend that one that die recently
Karlei David Look him up for more info
Vinny Guadagnino
Yesterday 18:30

That is a lot of money!

Woman makes $1.1 million from Usher
Woman makes $1.1 million from Usher's STD!

Money can't hide everything, can it?

14 reactions 9 comments
The Illuminati JOIN THE GREAT ILLUMINATI BROTHER HOOD TODAY AND LIVE A BETTER AND HAPPY LIFE. WELCOME TO THE GREAT TEMPLE OF RICHES AND FAME. Are you a businessman or woman, politician, musical, student,footballer,f­ashion designer,Pastors,Mod­el,upcoming artist,...
Joey Garner Kassy Tucker Mandy Garner Jessie Shambley Alex Shambley Jessie Rouille Penny S Garner Terri Shambley
Seth J. Hatnot But is it true??
Andrew Mark Shaheen What is this world coming to?
Chase Taker She won't get shit but cure. Stay broke bitch
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
4 hours ago

Gotta love a dad fail 😂

Dad Films Wrong Girl At Graduation And Twitter Loves It
Dad Films Wrong Girl At Graduation And Twitter Loves It

He thought it was his daughter but he was off by just a little.

315 reactions 14 comments
Kelly King Scott King Kris Petersen King
Brandy Byl Teresa Byl
Shereen Eluri Innab Nisreen Eluri
Rubel Chadha Amreen Chadha Jaipriya Chadha 😂😂😂😂
Danielle Lowe Jeremy Lowe this is an albee move
Mark Ruffalo
Yesterday 18:42

Living the dream, dreaming of living. #thorragnarok #sdcc2017

27.2k reactions 1490 comments
Darren Alevi Hi Mark please could could you have bernie sanders cameo in infinity war as the president of the united states ;) as we all know he is the real president the US needs.
Tabby Erb they look so tired. I don't know whats better. The looks of peace as they sleep, or the pineapple shirt and matching bandanna. How are they not falling off? I just wanna cover them with a comfy blanket.
Natasha D'Mello Natalie Crammond Cathy Musto we could definitely have a little nap with these
K Van Brunt long before Chris fell off that thing? He looks like his butt is barely hangin' in there and he'd have fallen right off without you holding on! also... that both does and does not look incredibly comfortable...
Brian AndSherry This is great. Nothin like the comforts of a Tour Bus. I live in a 30 foot travel trailer and its really quite cozy. Our friends, the Piano Guys, can appreciate the privacy of the tour bus!!!
Rick Ross
Yesterday 03:30

Yung Rénzél 🏇 on Twitter
Yung Rénzél 🏇 on Twitter

“They will underestimate you. Use that to your advantage!”

1.2k reactions 32 comments
Dumay Jean Bertho Moïse HERO:
Young Ma DOP.
Jovan Moore King Geechee
Jovan Moore My page
Maybac Sean Realest Boss Salute from London...
9 hours ago

And everyone says football is the dangerous sport. [via Radass]

853 reactions 226 comments
Nathaniel Jamieson I wish toshy loved me as much as the snake loves checkered shirts and cargo shorts
Daniel Rose Rather deal with that harmless snake than a bunch of golfing A-holes...
Scott Lewis Somebody at the office had a hangover. I nominate the poster "worst employee of the month".
Jack Proulx it's not like he has 12 or so metal sticks in a bag that would dispatch this thing fairly quickly
Cory Joseph Avenali Nobody says football is the dangerous sport. Hockey is though.
Tim McGraw
Yesterday 02:42

A Very Grammy Christmas Photo by Christopher Polk #TeamMcGraw

1.4k reactions 45 comments
Phyllis Caporino Nice casual shot
Catherine Victor Tim McGraw!
Lynn Quinones Great picture of you you very handsome
Cheryl Lindsay Lumpkin Looking handsome Tim 😇🙏🏻❤️
Flora Quintanilla Hello sexy
Bill Maher
8 hours ago

Jared Kushner issues 11-page statement insisting he tried to bail on meeting with Don Jr and Russian lawyer

Jared Kushner issues 11-page statement insisting he tried to bail on meeting with Don Jr and Russian lawyer
Jared Kushner issues 11-page statement insisting he tried to bail on meeting with Don Jr and Russian lawyer

Jared Kushner released a lengthy statement Monday morning detailing his contacts with foreign agents and officials during the presidential campaign, hours before he’s scheduled to face Senate…

7.3k reactions 2181 comments
Leona Dodd He is a liar. Supposedly meeting for an adoption agency. Who is crazy. Kushner has involvement with Russia just like the entire Trump family.
Christie Marie Most incriminating is that the email was titled "Russia-Clinton private and confidential" (DUH)... and how he "tried" to get out of the meeting... seriously? You're a grown ass man and you can't decide to just not go to a meeting? That's a 5 year old's ...
Michael Corral Americans have no choice but to put our faith in the house, senate and special counsel investigations that they hold these people accountable and do the right thing by ensuring appropriate prosecution. Not everyone is guilty but there certainly are ...
Julian Gonzales They need to set a precedent so this doesn't happen again. Try them all and if found guilty seize all their assets and place into social security and veteran programs.
Kathy Wall why? Because he knew it was collusion? Drumpf is really taking everyone down....and Kushner is going to be one of them....his family may take some heat too. LOL...Go get 'em!!!
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