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How to Choose a Best Agency

In the US, nurse vacancies have peaked, especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, this particular problem is persisting and affecting the entire world, but nurses also have to deal with other issues, including burnout, retirements, and seasonal flues, among other things

Based on the study conducted in 2019, healthcare executives are more open to staffing agencies than before, which is an important consideration for all nurses across the US.

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If you wish to find the perfect nurse-staffing agency that will fill your needs and preferences, you should consider a few factors beforehand.

In the further article, we will explain the steps you should take to find the best nursing agency for your particular needs and requirements.

Statistical Perspective

The first thing you should know is that demand for Registered Nurses in the US reached an all-time high because of pandemic and requirements for patient care.

Other factors that caused the shortage to include an increase in nurse retirements increase in patients and severe issues that could come with burnouts, especially among young generations.

  • Increase in Patients – The significant increase in patients is one of the biggest causes of the nursing shortage. For instance, the current pandemic is affecting every single healthcare facility, which created a public health crisis worldwide. On the other hand, the US is still fighting with the opioid epidemic in which millions of people are hospitalized on an annual basis due to opioid addiction. Apart from that, the aging population increases the demand.
  • Fewer Nurses – By the year 2030, at least one million nurses will retire, which means that new graduates will take their place. Currently, in the US alone, more than seventy thousand nurses are retiring annually, which is the most significant reason for the shortage. The biggest problem will happen to rural communities, especially since people have less desire to live there, which created an inability for hospital executives to fill the critical positions.
  • Sustainable Solution – That is the main reason why most facilities across the US decided to change strategies when it comes to finding new staff. They decided to rely on the nurse staffing agency back office more and more, which will be the best option for finding a new job in the future.

How Do Nurse Staffing Agencies Operate?

Generally, nurse-staffing agencies can provide nurse placement to health facilities that have trouble filling permanent and temporary positions. They create contracts with registered nurses so that they can operate in numerous healthcare facilities.

At the same time, the popularity of employing international nurses increased in the last decade because that creates an additional balance between supply and demand.

Typically, most international agencies are using their funds to sponsor the international visa and other fees that come with it. On the other hand, staffing agencies can easily find the best potential candidates for hospitals.

It is vital to understand the benefits of finding the appropriate agency, mainly since you will depend on their placements.

Different Types of Placements

  • Pro Re Nata or Per Diem (PRN) – Per day, or per diem, means that you will be a nurse on a call with an ability to get a contract that could range from one day to a few weeks, depending on the needs. It is important to remember that by choosing this particular role, you will not be guaranteed hours as others. Generally, being a per diem nurse is perfect in last-minute cancelation, especially since they can come and offer their services as soon as possible. Operating as a PRN nurse means that you will get additional flexibility. Of course, you need to meet specific staffing requirements to reach a particular stipulation and maintain employment, which means you can agree to work during certain holidays or weekends.
  • Travel Nursing – This is another short-term option that can range up to six weeks, while in some cases, it can be much longer, depending on a contract. Generally, you will work in various locations with an idea to fill employment gaps. These contracts are based on the particular case, which means that it is not recommended solution for hospitals that have nurse shortages. The main problem with this particular approach is that travelers can create morale issues with other employees, which will lead to workplace animosity.
  • Permanent Placement Contracts – If you wish to bridge the gap between finding employment and being flexible, you can choose this particular option for a predetermined period. Some temporary employees will go through agencies so that they can streamline the transition. Permanent placements mean that hospitals and other facilities will provide direct hire for a separate fee, 25% of the annual salary. It is an excellent option in case you wish to start working long-term for a particular facility.

Factors When Choosing a Staffing Agency

  • Price – Supplemental labor is a much more expensive solution in the long run, which is why most executives want to get a sustainable solution to balance the shortage. Even though hospitals should find staffing agencies that offer low fees, the question is the quality of service a single nurse will provide. Therefore, before you make up your mind, you should understand the benefits that come with a single person.  If you have the goal to fill the vacancies as soon as possible, you should consider travelers, but you will spend more than you wanted in the first place. As soon as you enter this link: you will learn everything about burnout.
  • Speed – The second factor you should consider is the rate at which a particular agency will find the nurse for your hospital. Everything depends on the type of nurse that you are searching for, as well as their database of potential employees. In case your facility is short-staffed, it is much better to find someone who will permanently be part of your unit. It is as simple as that.